Lightweight Travel Cribs - Review of the phil&teds Traveller

by: Carrie Yu (aka adorablyconfused)

This past weekend it was time for more travel for my little family! This time we loaded up our car and headed north to Canada to attend a family wedding. My husband and I were both pleased to be packing up our newest travel bed, the phil&teds traveller. This bed comes in a compact bag and fits neatly in our trunk in a small space between the suitcase and the back of the chair.  Packed up the bed measures 24 L x 8.6W x 8.6H (inches). We also enjoyed how lightweight this bed is (5.5 pounds!)- super easy to transport between our car and my in-laws’ home. 

Here's the quick summary -


  • Very lightweight
  • Packs up very small
  • Sturdy
  • Designed for use inside or outside
  • Comes with pegs to stake down Traveller if used outside for extra stability
  • Can access bed through either top opening or side opening and both zip completely shut



  • Directions for set-up are a little confusing
  • Several of the pieces of the bed have to be completely taken out and disassembled each time it is put away, leaving six loose pieces of poles to be stored with the bed and the mattress in the bag
  • Fitting the bed in the bag with all the pieces takes some practice
  • Self-inflating mattress still required additional inflation


I had set up the phil&teds Traveller once at home before we left. I am known for having trouble following setup instructions and honestly, I had the same problem with following the written instructions for this bed.  Fortunately there is a handy video online that shows how to set up the bed, and once I watched that, set-up went smoothly. (Setup Instruction Video) There are a number of steps in the process- poles to assemble and slide into place, other poles to slide in to connect the side and the legs, tabs to be secured and zippers to be closed. 

Photo: Our daughter in the hallway in her Traveller


After my first time assembling the bed, I haven’t needed to look at directions in print or online again, and the set-up process has repeatedly taken me around 7 minutes. The setup time and ease is definitely longer than that for our old pack and play, due to all the pieces that need to be put together and snapped into place.  That setup time does include the time to add air to the “self-inflating” mattress that comes with the bed.  Ours didn’t inflate much at all when the inflation valve was opened, but it was a fairly simple and quick process to add air and put the mattress into place under the bed. The mattress did hold its air through both of the nights that we had it set up, with no loss of air that I noticed.

The mattress zips into a pocket that is totally separate from the rest of the bed.  The instruction manual says to place the mattress into this pocket under the bed, but if you want to use it with a sheet, you can place a sheet over the mattress and put the mattress inside the crib instead of in the pocket. (Trekaroo was told by phil&teds that use of the mattress either inside or outside of the sleeve is in compliance with US safety regulations)  I didn't realize this when I was testing it out, so we used it without a sheet.  I thought it would be an issue with my son. but as it turned out, both my kids didn’t seem to notice the lack of a sheet at all and I loved having one less thing to transport and wash. 

I ended up leaving the top of the bed unzipped and getting my daughter in and out through that opening. I do like having the side opening option as well, though. This especially came in handy when my preschooler was playing in the bed and kept changing his mind about whether he wanted to be in or out. The bed is designed for kids ages newborn to 3 years old. My son is almost 3 and still fit in the bed, size-wise, but he’s small for his age. 

The phil&teds Traveller (unpacked) measures 51 L x 24.8 W x 31 H” (inches).  This is close to the dimensions of our pack-n-play, but narrower. I really liked that the bed was narrower than our pack-n-play, as we were easily able to wedge it into the small hallway that our daughter was sleeping in and still get past easily.


Photo: The packed up Traveller, as compared to our (small) 1-year-old


My kids did play in and around the bed during the day and we had no problems with tipovers or collapses. I even leaned on the frame with quite a bit of weight and it held strong. I was definitely impressed by how sturdy this bed seemed.  For additional stability, the phil&teds Traveller comes with pegs so that you can stake down the feet if you’re using the bed outdoors.

Photo: Our happy girl with her nice bed

My husband disassembled the bed without any help from me, and it only took him a few minutes. He even managed to get everything back in the bag on the first try, which is better than I did on my first attempt.  The bed and mattress do fit in the travel bag if rolled properly- it took me a couple of tries to get it right, but now I’ve got the hang of it and it’s fairly simple.

My bottom line:
If you are looking for a lightweight, easy-to-store bed, and you are a family who would like to use their travel bed inside and outside, take a look at the phil&teds Traveller.




*These complimentary products were received from the manufacturer to be reviewed by Trekaroo. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view.

updated: July 14 2010 by LiLing Pang

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