What is Trekaroo?


Trekaroo is a community of thousands of travel savvy parents. We share road-tested tips and recommendations on fun places to take kids as well as kid-friendly hotels and activities in our near and far from home.  Parents exchange valuable parent-to-parent advice and tips about the the best places to go with kids. Everyone takes valuable knowledge, but everyone also gives something from their own experience.


Why become a member?


Trekaroo is a give and take community! As you can see, Trekaroos are incredibly generous in sharing their knowledge with each other and even non-members. But becoming a member has it's benefits! You can:

- Pitch in with your opinions and great finds via reviews - it sure feels good to give advice.

- Ask questions and get answers from savvy parents in the know

- Bookmark all the fun places you're discovering on Trekaroo to help with trip planning

- Put in your vote for who you think is writing helpful reviews and send messages and compliments

- Receive our newsletters full of seasonal tips, hot travel deals, and what's new on Trekaroo

How do I join Trekaroo?


It’s simple. Just click on the Join button below and enter in your name and email address, create a username and password, hit submit and you’re now a Trekaroo! Join Trekaroo now


What are welcome rewards?


Thanks for your overwhelming interest. Our welcome rewards program ended on January 10th at 9:15PM PST and is no longer running. Users who joined before that date and time are still eligible to receive rewards if they finish their reviews (either 10 or 25 reviews) within two weeks from their join date. Shoot an email to when you're done to claim your rewards. (Group fundraiser participants are not eligible for welcome rewards.)


I love Trekaroo! How can I help?


Trekaroo is as much as our community makes it. Besides writing reviews, you can:

- contribute by posting photos - a photo speaks a thousand words

- help us launch new cities by adding activities that you see are missing

- spread the word by posting helpful articles or sharing your passport on your blog, Facebook, Twitter, and to your mom groups 

- become a community captain

Contact to find out more about what we're working on and how you can help.


Do you have a badge I can place on my blog?

Right click on which ever image you prefer to use and save it to your desktop.  Many of bloggers on Trekaroo link this directly to their Trekaroo passport.

Where can I find your privacy policy and terms of use? 

Right here!  Here's our privacy policy and terms of use.


Why aren’t I receiving the emails that I signed up for?

Occasionally, email security software will send our emails into your spam folder. Check there and mark Trekaroo as “not spam”.  

How do I unsubscribe from Trekaroo weekly digests or newsletters?

At the bottom of each of our emails, there is a link that enables you to unsubscribe. Simply click and confirm the unsubscribe. 

You can also log into your account and choose which emails you want to unsubscribe from.



What is a Superoo?

Find out more »

How do I send a direct message someone?

Click on "send a message" under that person's review or from their talk reply.  

How can I see the messages I've sent?

Currently, the messages that you sent can only be viewed in the recipients passport under the "Compliments" tab if the recipient has approved them.

How do I tell someone that their review, photo or answer was helpful?

You can click "It's helpful" or "Send a compliment". You'll make their day.

Trekaroo's Road Rules

Trekaroo wants all our families to have happy experiences here. While we can not fully police the site and are unable to patrol everywhere, we will not hesitate to take necessary and appropriate action when and where it is needed. Even losing your Trekaroo driver's license! (Oh no! We don't want that.) See someone being a bad driver, flag them and we'll be sure to check in on it. So here are some rules of the road.


Please enjoy the ride, but refrain from:

- Blowing Your Own Horn. Drawing undue attention to yourself through repeated postings, endless writing, etc. It's not only unflattering for you but is annoying to others on the highway.

- Honking Others' Horns. Leave out personal information of others – including their names, telephone numbers, emails and addresses. You wouldn't want them to do it to you.

- Road Rage. Don't take out your frustrations on others or get into fender-benders with them.

- False ID. One ID per person, please. Don't create multiple identities or falsify your information. It's the law!

- Veering Off The Road. Stick to the web guidelines, topics of conversations and format clearly posted on the website.

- Personal Billboards. Your reviews should be impartial and authentic; not self-promotional ads for your own business or enterprise.

In short, be a courteous and family-friendly driver. Others are sharing the road with you. Thanks for exploring with us!


Writing Activity Reviews


Think age.

Some families have kids of different ages, share about the activity from your perspective, but mention what age your kids were when you experience this attraction with them.


Think broad.

What can you review? An attraction? Of course. An activity? Definitely. A restaurant? You got it. My neighborhood park? Now you're catching on. An walk through a cultural neighborhood that off the beaten tourist path that ends at a delectable gelato? Bingo!


Think details.

Resist generalizing in your reviews. Provide details that you think would make a difference to families.

- Attractions: What were the highlights or low-lights? Where there long lines? What's the best time to visit? What are the available food options? How long did you spend there? Do you have any tips for having the best time?

Restaurants: How was the food quality, noise level, service, prices, wait time for a table and food. anything special play areas or activities offered to kids, how welcome did the kids feel? How clean were the bathrooms, were there changing tables?

Parks and Beaches: What are the natural points of interests that the kids enjoyed most, which trails or areas are accessible with young kids? Any safety considerations?


Think You.

Express who you are. It's more fun to know the family behind the experience rather than a list of facts. Tell stories that illustrate your point, or get us laughing with you.


Think expert.

Whether you're a local or have first hand experience, your point of view counts. So express it boldly.


Think visual.

A photo can speak a thousand words. Have a picture. Add a photo together with your review.


Writing Hotel Reviews


Think families.

Remember that this site is uniquely geared for families. Is this a place that families feel especially welcomed?


Think details.

Resist generalizing in your reviews. Provide details that you think would make a difference to families.

- Facilities: What was the pool like? Where parents can hang out in at night when little ones have gone to bed? Are the facilities updated?

Rooms: Where the rooms big, clean, well sound proofed, have black out shades, air-conditioned, a couch a young child could sleep on? Did you you feel safe with your kids?

Service: Did your kids feel welcomed? Were any special amenities offered to you during check in? Did you make any special requests and how did the hotel meet those request?

Food: What were the food options in house and in the neighborhood? Was there room service or delivery menus offered?

- Kids programs or babysitting: Did your kids have fun and details about what activities were offered for kids

Location: What was within walking or a short driving distance that you enjoyed, was it a beach front property or was there a view worth mentioning?

- Value for money: Did you feel that what you spent was worth what you paid for for your room?


Think You.

Express who you are. It's more fun to know the family behind the experience rather than a list of facts. Tell stories that illustrate your point, or get us laughing with you.


Think expert.

Whether you're a local or have first hand experience, your point of view counts. So express it boldly.


Think visual.

A photo can speak a thousand words. Have a picture. Add a photo together with your review.


I can’t find the property that I’d like to review. What should I do? 

First click on "Write a review" in the purple navigation bar.  

Look up the activity or hotel in the state it's in.  (restaurants are categorized inside of activities)

If you've confirmed that the activity isn't in the Trekaroo database, click on the “Add New” button.

You’ll be required to enter the property’s name, website and address. 

Check now to see if what I want to add is already on Trekaroo.  Write a review »

I want to add an activity, restaurant or hotel, but I can't enter the city that it is in.

We've tried to list all cities in our database,  but once in a while, you'll come across some that are missing.  Pick a nearby city instead and then email to add that city and make the appropriate change.

Can I review a business I’m connected to? 

You should not review your own business or somewhere you are or were employed with. Sorry, you’re too biased. ;) 

Why does Trekaroo accept complimentary products and services?

While the large majority of our reviews are based on regular paying customer experiences, there are some reviews on Trekaroo that are based on complimentary products or services. When Trekaroo accepts select complimentary services and products we are able to bring you exceptionally in-depth coverage of the newest or recently renovated family-friendly venues and products. These complimentary items are provided occasionally to Superoos , our most travel-savvy parents.  They are given a checklist of family relevant topics to unpack.  Even with complimentary services and products, Superoos always retain the freedom to express their honest opinion.  They never accept additional compensation or payment for their reviews. 

Keeping the trust of our community and our partners is the lifeblood of our business and our top priority. Without trust, the advice shared on Trekaroo is meaningless. Therefore, 100% transparency is a must and we provide full disclosure if a review was based on a complimentary or deeply discounted products or service. Undoubtedly, there can be varying degrees of bias with comped reviews, but we believe that having comprehensive, high-quality reviews is valuable to our community. Furthermore, any bias in this one rating will be negated over time as the volume of reviews from regular paying families increases.


What is Monday Madness?

Every Monday, Trekaroo announces on our blog, either a fantastic giveaway or an incredible deal. It could be a green water bottle, a hotel stay on Maui or theme park tickets. Return every Monday to the Talking Trekaroo Blog for the details. Want a reminder? Become a Trekaroo member or follow us on facebook or twitter.