AllergyEats- Dining out with Food Allergies

by: Katie Bodell (filmdncr)


AllergyEats offers free resources for dining out with food allergies.


My family is LOVING this site as it organnizes tons of information I used to search for all over the internet! 

The website is very similar to Trekaroo and offers families with food allergies a unique review perspective.  The site offers a mobile app for on the go and features a run down of restaurant's allergy-friendliness, including stating specific menus, offering tips and resources.



updated: March 22 2012 by filmdncr

at 03/06/2012 08:33PM ilovemybeautybaby wrote:
I am loving this! I have friends and family with food allergies and this looks like a very helpful tool. Thanks for sharing.
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