Review of the ToddlerKiddy by TravelKiddy

by: Adorably Confused

Back in the days before we had kids, my husband and I loved to eat out. We are lucky to live in Seattle, which is a city full of wonderful restaurants, so we had lots of great options!  Then we had two kids in less than two years.  We still love to eat out, but we often find ourselves weighing the benefits against the effort required- do we want to go out enough to make it worth packing up all the toys and books necessary to try to keep our kids happy while we eat?  And when we do get to the restaurant, is there any chance of an actual adult conversation? So when I had the opportunity to review a ToddlerKiddy backpack from TravelKiddy, I leapt at it!

The main testers for this product were my 2 1⁄2 year old son and my 8-month-old daughter, although my husband and I did help out with playing with the toys as well. We’ve used the ToddlerKiddy backpack as entertainment for our kids on several occasions when we ate out at nice restaurants- places that our kids needed to sit relatively still and relatively quiet. 


Our ToddlerKiddy backpack  was a nice lime green color with pink straps with an adorable pink bug on the front. Very cute!    It’s a very girly bag, which I liked, because our daughter doesn’t currently have a backpack of her own. Check out all the other adorable styles below. The backpack itself is lightweight, but seems really sturdy.  I love that it’s machine washable- a must-have for kid gear. The pack also has side pockets, which are handy for things like sippy cups and bottles.

The ToddlerKiddy backpack will fit the part perfectly, but the best part was not the cuteness of the backpack, but the fun of the toys inside!  Our bag had the following products inside: 8 stacking cups, a small plastic truck, 2 plastic play animals, a mini board book, and a small purple flannel blanket.  It also contained one optional item- a doodle pad and 10 triangular crayons. You can choose to get a set of 4 wooden puzzles instead of the doodle pad and crayons- or for an additional $5 you can receive both options.


My kids had a wonderful time playing with the toys inside.  The result was a really nice lunch for our family because my husband and I could actually enjoy our food and focus on talking instead of figuring out what to do to keep the kids entertained. We let our son play with one toy at a time, and you could see his eyes light up with excitement at each different item. The small flannel and the plastic animals were perfect for our baby daughter - she had fun chewing on them and waving them in the air. We also had a rousing game of peek-a-boo going on with the animals at one point.


Our kids were all smiles around the ToddlerKiddy except when we had to explain to our toddler that it was a special pack and needed to stay in the car for our next outing. We all loved this pack and think it’s going to be a great thing to have in our arsenal of kid entertainment. We have an overnight trip planned later this month and will definitely bring the ToddlerKiddy along.  It’s small and portable, and filled with enough fun toys to keep our kids out of trouble in the hotel room. There’s even a bit of extra space to add a few more favorite toys from home, so we can have everything in one place.

As far as value for the product- the pack and toys sell for $44.95, with a $5 extra charge if you want both the puzzles and the crayons/doodle pad. Given that we have some small bags and a lot of similar toys around our home, I might purchase it for convenience but not for value.  It was really nice to have everything arrive all organized and ready-to-go, no running around the house and trying to find small toys that will be fun for both kids. I think this would be a great item to suggest to the grandparents to buy for a birthday or Christmas present.  I'd also suggest this as a great 1st birthday present or even maybe a baby shower gift- something that the parents might not think to buy for themselves, but something they will definitely use and appreciate. Overall, we were very pleased by the ToddlerKiddy and would highly recommend it to any of our friends!


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*This complimentary product was received from the manufacturer to be reviewed by Trekaroo. I received no other compensation, and was not required to express any particular point of view.  Photos above are courtesy of TravelKiddy.



AdorablyConfused is one of Trekaroo's 2010 Superoos.  She blogs at Growing A Baby In Seattle


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