Review of Sunscreen Towelettes for Kids by Baby Silk

by: mjschubert

Sunscreen has made some major improvements in the past 10 years.  It’s wonderful to have wide spectrum, oil free and even spray on sunscreen.  However, I was particularly thrilled to try out a new sunscreen product from MD Moms - Baby Silk Sunscreen Towelettes!  What a smart idea! These towelettes are saturated with a sweat-proof, broad spectrum SPF 30+ sunscreen. Each wipe contains enough sunscreen to cover a few kids from head to toe. 


  • Each wipe goes a long way
  • Applies very gently on kids
  • Sunscreen was very effective


  •  A little pricey

The very first time I used the towelettes, I took my two children, ages 4 and two, to our neighborhood pool.  We live in Atlanta where the sun beats down all day long.  I was a bit nervous using it for fear if it failed, I would have two very sunburned children.   I loved that the towelettes are really soft and truly laden with sunscreen.  Each wipe promises enough sunscreen to cover a child from head to toe and you better believe it! In fact, I used that first towelette on the face of my son, my daughter and myself.  I was disappointed that there were not more people to wipe it all over.  The smell was wonderful: light and fresh. I found that my children were thrilled I was wiping something soft on their face instead of awkwardly trying to rub a giant glob of sunscreen into their skin while avoiding their eyes. With each swipe of the towelette, I saw the sunscreen on my children’s skin.

Throughout the day, I watched carefully to make sure that the sunscreen from the towelettes were doing what had been promised.  As the kids jumped into the pool, I noticed the water beading up on their skin and falling away.  After almost an hour in the pool, we took a break.  As the kids dried off, I inspected them to find out if the sunscreen had remained.  To my pleasant surprise, there was still a solid covering on their skin that was visible.

I wanted to recover the kids with another round of sunscreen before jumping back into the pool to be sure they were adequately covered.  I assumed that I would have to get another wipe.  Surprisingly, the first towelette I had used still had another round of sunscreen in it.  As a typical wipe, however, it does dry out if left out for too long. 

The pack of sunscreen towelettes only has 15 wipes in a pack which really doesn’t seem enough considering that each pack costs $26  (Buy it on Amazon). I wish that I loved the price as much as I love the product.  Regardless, my children love the wipes as much as I do.  Both the 4 year old and the two year old can easily use them on themselves. They know how to remove the towelettes from the packaging, re-seal the package, and apply the sunscreen.  I love products that allow my kids the opportunity to take care of themselves.

I am not looking forward to the day when my pack of wipes is empty. I love that these towelettes are packaged conveniently and that the sunscreen does in fact cover and protect.   I would recommend this product to anyone, but especially for use with kids.

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at 11/03/2010 08:37AM cavalletta wrote:
These wipes are fantastic but I agree that they are a bit expensive.
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