Are you Roo or Superoo?

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  • What is a Superoo?
  • What special privileges do Superoos get?
  • How do you become a Superoo?

  • Trekaroo Superoos

    What is a Superoo?
    Trekaroo Superoos are parents with unique characteristics who are able to see the humor amidst the challenges of traveling with their offspring. In fact, they thrive best when exploring and trail blazing with their pack. They are our biggest contributors and eager to help. Superoos inspire other family travelers through the stories they tell, the tips they share, and their insightful recommendations.

    Each year, the Superoo council selects moms and dads from the Trekaroo community who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. These select few are the go-to folks for travel advice and demonstrate wisdom and travel savvy that separate them from the rest.
    What special privileges do Superoos get?
    Once bestowed Superoo status, your profile will be marked with the blazing Superoo emblem. But that’s not all. With this award come fun privileges! Trekaroo gives our fantastic Superoos exclusive access to new hotel and attraction openings, special events, and gear that’s ready to be put to the test. Superoos are also given sneak previews of new features we're working on and help to weigh in on what’s next for Trekaroo.
    How do you become a Superoo?
    Do you have Superoo powers waiting to be discovered? Here are some indicators that you're no ordinary Trekaroo family.

    Other parents can’t help oohing and ahhing at the fun adventures you're constantly taking your kids on. When you see another family in need of advice about the best travel gear or recommendations, you are quick to rush to their aid. Most importantly, whenever you get back from an adventure or a meal out with your kids, your first thought is to share your inside scoop with other Trekaroo families. The Superoo Council pays great attention to well written and insightful reviews because we know that when you become a Superoo, we'll be sending you to report back on fun assignments we send you on.

    If you possess these qualities and are demonstrating them boldly on Trekaroo, your Superoo powers will undoubtedly be recognized. In January, our Superoo council meets to decide who to award official Superoo status to for the year. If selected you will receive your blazing Superoo emblem and be admitted to this elite group.

    Oh yes, and no Superoo will be discovered behind the guise of the generic grey blob. Fill out your profile, add a photo. Make yourself known to the whole Trekaroo community.
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