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Ted's Bakery

59-024 Kamehameha Highway, Haleiwa, Hawaii | 808-638-8207
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2 Reviews for Ted's Bakery

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March 28 2012
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"Portions are HUGE"

Ted's is always busy but particularly at sunset after surfers come in from the water!  Its a great place to go to not feel like a tourist and feel like the North Shore is "home"   We love Ted's bakery!   One meal easily last's for 2.  So if you are traveling on a budget and have a refrigerator, Ted's is a must.   The food is very authentic. (although, like most Hawaiian food, heavy...your gut may not feel so good after a meal)

TIP 1  They are famous for their Chocolate Haupia Pie. Kinda pricey for the portion size, but when you are saving on the meal, I say its worth the splurge

TIP 2  Seats fill up fast with locals so be sure to grab a seat outside before your order is ready.  They will find you and bring your food to you.  There is a little sitting area on the other side of the parking lot that is kind of hidden you can sit there if seating is a beast.

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January 20 2011
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Ted's Bakery makes some of the best hot malasada (a Portuguese pastry similar to a doughnut...but so much better) and the only malasada we could find on the North Shore. There's not much more to say about this's reasonably priced and the malasada are to die for! My only tip is to buy twice as much as you think you'll want :0)

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