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Pitchfork Steak Fondue

Tjaden Terrace, Medora, North Dakota
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1 Review
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$$
Hours of operation: Sunday through Thursday 5:30 pm to 6:45 pm

Every evening our chefs load steaks onto pitchforks and fondue them western style. Your steak comes with all of the fixins and you'll be be serenaded with western melodies performed live by members of The Coal Diggers from the Medora Musical.

Cowboy Cookout and Buffet: $28.00
12 and under Cowboy Cookout: $14.00

1 Review for Pitchfork Steak Fondue

August 27 2016
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"Pitchfork Fondue is a Medora Must-Do"

We've experienced Chuckwagons and buffets and pretty much any quirky form of eating -- so when we saw a pitch fork fondue option in Medora, we were of course mentally making room on our itinerary and in our bellies for this bit of Western fun.

The Food

Surprisingly, the steaks were fantastic. Juicy and not over done (which was my main concern since I like my steaks a little on the rare and bloody side). They were cooked through but still juicy and tender. Awesome job, hats off to the cowboy cook!

Kids can get a discounted hot dog meal and you'll have your hand stamped as to what entree you line-up for (steak or dogs.) The rest of the meal is fairly standard and rather unremarkable, but plentiful and fresh: fruit, vegetables, dip, beans, baked potato, garlic bread and a brownie for desert.

Lemonade and water are free beverages included with your meal and there is a cash bar for carbonated choices.

You can and will absolutely get full with this meal. The real fun part is in the experience, not because it's a gourmet option. It's fantastic meat and the trays are heaping with food as you mosey through the buffet line, but the best part for us was the experience as a whole, including the view and music.

The Atmosphere

Atop the hill overlooking the little town of Medora, you're likely to be dining in the breeze. It was windy to the point of almost being difficult to keep our napkins, cups, and other fly-weight items on our table when we enjoyed our late-August meal. There is covered semi-indoor seating and outdoor seating. We opted for fully-exposed outdoor seating. Picnic tables are the furniture of choice, but high chairs are available. We brought along our our "Hook" chair by Joovy and the kind folks let us use it on the table for our toddler, no problem.

Dramatic views and pretty evening sunsets are a definite plus. The music keeps kids entertain or at least masks impatient whimpers with upbeat country-inspired songs. We were entertained by the Medora Musical band, the Coal Burners.

We had an extra long wait as the night of our meal there was a Jefferson LInes bus tour group that was in town for the food and fun. A local gal that partakes in the meal at least once each season said that the line/wait was not typical and she'd never seen it that long. So, most times, I think it's a short queue. However, you can't go wrong being either super early or near last! The meal takes you right up to the point that they start seating for the Medora Musical, just a few steps down the sidewalk.

We'd do this meal again in a heartbeat. The food is good, but the experience of eating outdoors in such a fun fashion is even better!

Disclosure: My family were guests of the Boots Bar and Grill. All opinions are our own.

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