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Old Spaghetti Factory

2110 Newport Boulevard, Newport Beach, California | (949) 675-8654
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2 Reviews
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $$

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High Chairs, Clean bathrooms, Fast service, Kids Menu, Kid-friendly Healthy Options, Crayons and such, Play area, Accepts Credit Cards

2 Reviews for Old Spaghetti Factory

October 23 2011
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"Great restaurant for kids"

The Old Spaghetti Factory is voted a great spot for kids year after year in Parenting Magazine, and it is truly one of my family's favorites.  My kids love the pasta, bread & yummy dessert that comes with each meal (yup, parents- even your own!) and we love the all inclusive price-tag that helps take away from that pressure to add on tons of high ticket items to your check at the end of a long dinner.
This particular OSF is in a fantastic location, just across the street and parking lot from the Newport Pier-  it is a great place to valet park and walk the pier or boardwalk as you wait for your table.  

April 20 2011
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"Family friendly spaghetti"

This was one of the first "sit-down" restaurants of our parenting career that we found was truly family friendly.  With a play table stocked with big legos in the waiting area, to a bib package with crackers and crayons upon seating, our kids (and therefore US) were happy.  And what kid isn't happy with spaghetti?  

Meals are delicious and fairly reasonable.  Most come with salad, tea and ice cream included in the price.  Yes, I said ice cream!  My kids couldn't have been happier to gobble up ice cream for dessert and we didn't have to cringe at adding a dessert price to our bill.  Now I'm hungry for some mizithra cheese on my spaghetti!

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