Jellybean Pie Cafe

226 Portersville Rd, Ellwood City, Pennsylvania 16117
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Ages: All Ages
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High Chairs, Clean bathrooms, Fast service, Kids Menu, Kid-friendly Healthy Options, Play area, Accepts Credit Cards

1 Review for Jellybean Pie Cafe

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July 24 2011
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"Lots of Fun at the Jellybean Pie Cafe!"

OK...say the name three times fast. "The Jellybean Pie Cafe" "The Jellybean Pie Cafe" "The Jellybean Pie Cafe" Come it! FASTER! Now, did you smile? Just like the name implies, this place is fun! Where else could you get pierogies with a side of belly button lint and an ice cream sundae served in a flower pot and a daisy sticking out of the middle!? Well, as the lime green walls and different colored light bulbs suck you in, the wall of candy will hold your attention!! Not to mention the glass cases full of sweets...OH! There is definitely something for the kid in everyone. (Frickles : Fried Pickles)
First off, you have to read the menu. Not just peruse it looking for dinner. Really read it. Someone has wit to spare! The Nacho Nachos (as in "Not Your Nachos...get it?!) had me snickering and the kids menu had me laughing out loud. Once we chose our appetizers and meals, we had a real chance to check out the atmosphere. This is a great place to take kids. It is fun and relaxed and they don't freak out if you spill...really. We all sat, as if glued to our seats, as Kora reached out and dumped a full glass of iced tea into her lap. No big deal...wipes to the rescue! (She does wear the nickname 'Destruct-O' quite well!)
The appetizers came out quick and were nice-sized. The wings were delish and the frickles (go ahead and say it three times fast, too! It's fun!!) were great! We chowed down and, just a few minutes later, our food arrived. Everything was great! The proprietor, Janet, came to our table a few times just to be sure we had everything we needed. She even hand-delivered ice cream push-ups for our pint-sized reviewers at the end of our meal. Ayden & Hunter gave the wall of candy two thumbs up and Kora raved about the french fries all the way home!
Kora is quite the french fry connoisseur!
So, our super shiny happy rating for the Jellybean Pie Cafe goes something like this:
• Waitstaff ~ 4 binkys - The place is small...only one staffer. Be patient and you'll be just fine!!
• Food ~ 4.5 binkys - The food was delicious & fun. Great portions; decent prices.
• Cleanliness ~ 4 binkys - The booster seat was clean. 'Nuff said.
• Kid-Friendliness ~ 5 binkys - This place was designed with kids in mind!
We had a great time at the Jellybean Pie Cafe!

Happy Eating!!

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