Hungry Trout Resort

5239 Nys Route 86, Wilmington, New York | (518) 946-2217
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1 Review for Hungry Trout Resort

February 21 2012
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"Rustic fine dining"

The Hungry Trout is a restaurant/hotel in the Whiteface area.It is known as a trout fishing destination on the Ausable River. We ate there on a recent trip to Whiteface for some skiing. The restaurant was recommended to us by our innkeeper at the Ledge Rock Hotel.

We were hungry after a long days travel and site seeing and were in the mood for some class so we decided to give it a try. I asked the innkeeper in advance if it would be child friendly and if we were appropriately dressed. He indicated we were fine so we headed off for the 2 minute drive down the road. We also learned that on site was a pub called RF McDougals, a more downscale bar atmosphere that we do not usually bring our kids into, especially apres ski. There were plenty of cars parked outside the restaurant and as it turns out most of them were at RF Mcdougals downstairs.

We were greeted by a roaring fire....and thats about it. There were 2 employees in the waiting area, but for a good 5 minutes, no one said a word to us. In retrospect , I think they must have thought we were going to head downstairs, but they seemed quite focused on the bar that they also had UPSTAIRS as soon as you walk in. We were surprised by that and eventually we were seated.

Mind you my kids are pretty well-behaved in restaurants. They know the deal and have eaten out many times. At times they are better behaved than some adults. And like most kids they are not angels. I felt the lack of attention we received was due in part to our kids. However, they proved me right and behaved admirably during our meal.

We all enjoyed some fried calamari and my husband and I decided to try the namesake trout dishes. I had Trout Gran Marnier and he Grilled Trout and Shrimp Florentine both which were fabulous and just what we were craving after a long day.

The twins shared a  12 ounce New York strip which the restaurant gladly divided into 2 portions. They enjoyed the steak and side and also the coloring page that kept them busy while we waited.  What we realy all enjoyed was the dessert. We had apple pie, a chococlate raspberry concoction and a chocolate cake. The desserts were expensive, but so was the rest of the food we ate.

We got what we wanted at the Hungry trout; an upscale, relaxing atmosphere, but we also paid for it. We learned that you could order off the restaurant menu downstairs at RF Mcdougals, but it was not the atmopshere we were looking for. We might try again if we are in the area.

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