1 Review of Deanie's Seafood

Knockout Cajun Seafood

- September 2014

After having been disappointed at Felix's Restaurant and Oyster Bar just around the corner, I had my kids eat up at the outlet mall prior to coming to this restaurant where we planned to meet our out-of-town friends. When I saw their order of chicken nuggets off the kids menu, I was kicking myself.  Those were no nuggets. They were generous chunks of poultry flesh battered in large, flaky, crispy batter. I knew then that we had finally arrived.

If you like your seafood gumbo with fresh crab wholes, legs and all sticking out of your soup, then this is the place to get it. It's got to be the best cajun food has to offer in "the crescent city." Savory, robust flavor, the roux cooked for hours to perfection, this is the real deal. This with a glass of Chardonnay hit the spot for me.

My husband ordered off the menu having heard from the bartender that we could order a sampling of the hallowed Cajun triptych: étouffée, jambalaya, and seafood gumbo. His famous last words, "it was as satisfying as a knock-out three-part jazz band."

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