Blue C Sushi

University Village, Seattle, Washington 98105
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Ages: All Ages
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Japanese, Asian, and Seafood

6 Reviews for Blue C Sushi

May 25 2014
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"Good conveyor belt sushi"

Blue C Sushi is conveniently located in University Village. The restaurant is large with a lot of counter seating and a few booths as well. For grownups visiting without kids, there is a bar, which serves some happy hour specials.

When we arrived, we were promptly seated and the kids were given kids' chopsticks.  Drink orders were taken and we were asked if we wanted to order anything off the menu.  Blue C usually has a good variety of rolls going around the belt, and I love that they are all labeled with their ingredients and whether they contain cooked or raw fish.  Quality is good, but prices are higher than the cheapy sushi places where my family usually hangs out.  Still, it's a good place to stop if you're craving some sushi when you're shopping in UVillage.  Try the edamame puree-it's lovely!

December 27 2012
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"Easy, but not the best sushi in town"

Put down your bags and sit yourself down at a booth. This spot is very kid friendly and not too expensive. The sushi isn't the best in town but you will find a few good rolls and staff ready to help you enjoy your meal with your kids in tow. Don't forget to try one of their house desserts and admire the artwork hanging on the walls.

January 23 2011
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i love sushi and the kids kind of like it too !! the kids favorite are soy beans or you could call em edamame ? i dont really know how to spell it but yeah they have great food at an OK price but i would prefer mojo sushi over blue c sushi JUST beacause it is more affordable and cheaper so yeah is blue c sushi your favorite ???

March 10 2011
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"my kids favorite restaurant"

We usually go to the Blue c Sushi in Alderwood Mall or Bellevue Square. This is my kids favorite restaurant. My husband loves the sushi and for the kids and I there are plenty of other options. One of my kids has several allergies and there are enough options for him that we have a place to eat without having to worry about him. There are two reasons the kids love it so much. First, everything is on a conveyor belt which is very thrilling. Second, because they pick the food themselves there is no waiting for the food to arrive! It's really a great place for kids.

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January 10 2011
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The food at Blue C. Sushi is great.  I love it whether Im in a hurry or out with a friend for the afternoon!  The food is alway fresh and the service is always friendly.

I've always been quicklly seated.  I love trying new things I would not usually order so having it come around on a belt is great!  

The tuna just melts in your mouth.  The tampura is like candy goodness.  And you can order anything made fresh just for you.

I like how effeciently everything flows and how easy the menu is.  You pay according to plate color.  I have to say I always end up eatting and spending more than I anticipate but in the process I try new foods I would of normally not had tired.  

There is things for little kids to adults.  Not only Sushi.  The food is YUMMY!

Next time your in the area this is a must to stop by and then after you can hit the village stores.  There is everything you need neatly place right next to each other.  

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December 23 2010
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"Yum! Ready-to-eat sushi!"

We recently took our 18 month old twins to Blue C Sushi in U-Village. We typically have to scarf down our food, help the kids eat and manage themselves, hurry before they lose their attention spans/want to get down, etc. Instead, at Blue C Sushi, we were able to get a side table/booth with lots of room, snagged food from the assembly line delivery system, and had a long, fun, and happy dinner. Take your kids -- they'll love it. There are also non-sushi food items to choose from (noodles, egg, soybeans, mini donuts, etc). Bon Appetit!

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