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Four Seasons Hotel Houston

thetripfairy says:

This Four Seasons sits in that sweet spot between a destination resort, where you never want to leave the property, and a hotel that functions solely...
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Sunrise atop Haleakala Crater_photo | kids travel, kids activities
Sunrise atop Haleakala Crater
By: Julie Applebaum-DeMello

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Dallas - Fort Worth | kids travel, kids activities

1. Dallas - Fort Worth

Dallas, Arlington, Fort Worth, ..

This is a region drenched in history, with a number of fine museums to preserve its past. The Texas Declaration of Independence was signed here, the fledgling republic’s first capital was here,...

Gulf Coast | kids travel, kids activities

2. Gulf Coast

Houston, Corpus Christi, Galveston, ..

San Antonio and the Southern Plains | kids travel, kids activities

3. San Antonio and the Southern Plains

San Antonio, Concan, Laredo, ..

The South Plains area is a true melting pot, a unique blend of American and Mexican cultures you won’t find in any other state. No matter where you go here, you can expect to find that many...

Panhandle | kids travel, kids activities

6. Panhandle

Amarillo, Wichita Falls, Canyon, ..

About Texas

Texas is the only state large enough to be legally divided into five new states—and the only state that would need to. It isn’t just size that makes Texas special, it is its incredible diversity. Here, America collides with Mexico to create what seems to be a whole new culture. But many more cultures than those two have influenced—and continue to influence—Texas. Africans, Scandinavians, Vietnamese, Czechs, Filipinos, Lithuanians, Japanese, Lebanese, Peruvians, Germans, Canary Islanders, native peoples, and many others have made their presence felt so strongly in the state that an immense Institute of Texan Cultures had to be established in San Antonio just to pay... + full overview

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