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We're a fun-loving group who loooooves to travel. A teacher, engineer, cute little boy, and baby girl make up our family and our firstborn who lives in heaven.
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adventurous, curious, independent, energetic, spontaneous, easy_going
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A Road Trip from Midwest to West
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Anywhere with mountains!
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A month-long road trip through about 20 national parks.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Sick baby and delayed flight while sitting on the tarmac.
Websites I Like: (my blog!) I write about the loss of our firstborn, life with our second and third born, traveling, cooking, and everything in between! Also, I'm a Yelper, too!

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November 14 2016
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Coconut Bowl
250 Wild Island Court,
Nevada 89434
"Indoor Winter Excitement"
This place is spacious and has it all. If it's winter (or a really hot summer day), it's likely this place is packed with kids having the times of their lives. We enjoyed our time, but man was a Saturday night a crazy time to visit! Everyone in Sparks had the same idea! Hah.

In Numbers: Bowling is something like $4.50/game, Ballocity (climbing/slides/kidspace) is $6.75 for kids on the weekends (cheaper weekdays) and arcade options as well.

For Kids: This place has everything fun. They could spend all day in the crawling play area (ballocity) and it's a flat fee all day (kind of a steal!). Bowling is inexpensive and you can even buy a pass for kids to indulge in all sorts of fun (bowling, ballocity, bumper cars, mini golf...) for a few months for like $70. If you live close, it's a great deal. So much space for kids to run and totally catered to them and getting their energy out. My kids lasted 1.5 hours in the ballocity but loved every minute.

For Adults: No free wifi here that I could tell, but if you want the kids to get their energy out and set them free to have fun (especially middle/high kids who can be dropped off), this place is where it's at! They have $70 deals for unlimited fun. It's really most ideal for the middle school aged kid, as the climbing space is probably not for the older kids.

Tip: Don't forget your socks! For bowling and for Ballocity, they must be worn. Bring a water bottle to save cash as well.
October 12 2016
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Nevada Museum of Art
160 West Liberty Street,
Nevada 89501
"Second Saturdays Rock"
You can pay admission on other days, or you can go once a month on the Second Saturday from 10a-4p for free with the kids. We go every month and they not only have the whole museum open to explore (but don't touch!!), but they also have two activities setup for kids to create and storytimes throughout the day (that are definitely unique).

In Numbers: $10pp or free for the whole family on the second Saturday of the month.

For Kids: So much to see... but I recommend letting them get their wiggles out before they come so they don't feel the urge to touch. It's not very kid friendly in that regard. Stroller friendly, so that's an option. We mostly just go for the crafts though. We have created postcards, pinatas, paper flowers and painted canvas flags. You take them home with you and pay nothing! It's totally free. Last week they even had a fiesta on the rooftop with tacos, cake, a pinata and again, free!

For Adults: You get a bit of your art fix and a fun activity to do with the kids midday on Saturday if you've run out of ideas. And, the price is totally right.

Tip: the Discovery Museum is just down the road about 2 blocks (but not free) to get the kids out and able to touch before/after you go to the less-kid-friendly touch-free art museum.
October 12 2016
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Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum | kids travel, kids activities
Terry Lee Wells Nevada Discovery Museum
490 S. Center Street ,
Nevada 89501
"Membership Worthy"
We moved here a few months ago from Chicago... a place with many museums for kids to visit. So, given the smaller size of Reno, we were pleasantly surprised by the Discovery Museum.

In Numbers: It's about $10/per person. You can play all day and then decide if you want to put that money toward a membership when you leave. Save your receipt. We opted for the membership for 4 on our first visit because it's $40 for one trip alone... so $100 for the whole year just made sense. They do have a reciprocal membership if you're coming out of town or if you want to visit others, but that membership will run you a bit more.

Downfall to the memberships is you have to list the names of users, so the adults can't be interchangeable if grandparents visit. They have upgrades for those, but again, you're paying for it.

For Kids: You can touch it all! It's geared toward mostly older kids... mid-elementary to middle school, I'd say. With that said, my kids are 2 and 4 and we literally spend 5-6 hours there at a time. They want to touch everything and even though they don't understand the science of it all, it's still super fun to build circuits with us! There is a kid room for ages 5 and under to run and play and also an enormous climber you can't miss and the best water feature I've seen in any museum we've ever visited.

For Adults: It's fun for us, too! Because it's a science-based museum, they have demonstrations, experiments randomly through the day, lots of brain teasers, robots, drones... you can even get a membership for just one adult! It's not a children's museum. We brought grandpa and we couldn't find him half the day! He was so engaged.

I don't like that some of the exhibits take awhile to change over and some rooms are left empty occasionally, but overall, it's a great place to spread out and explore, especially if you're feeling cooped up during the winter.
July 18 2016
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Wingfield Park
300 W First Street,
"Island Park with Fun Events"
We heard some music playing as we were tubing along the Truckee and decided to head over and check out this side of Wingfield Park. For the month of July, Reno puts on Artown which consists of nonstop events for the entire month, every single day related to the arts. This time, we heard gospel music.

In Numbers: Free for all

For Kids: Lots of entertainment happens on the stage of the Wingfield Park! If that doesn't entertain, the eclectic group of people who spend their time at Wingfield sure will.

For Adults: Free, good entertainment in the middle of the city. City dwellers love it, and suburb dwellers just have a short ride to check out the fun. Rotation of events happen year-around here.
July 18 2016
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Scheels Sporting Goods | kids travel, kids activities
Scheels Sporting Goods
1200 Scheels Drive Sparks,
Nevada 89431
"Amusement Park Large!"
My husband asked his new colleague where to buy tubes for the Truckee. "Uh, SCHEELS." Like it was a thing she couldn't believe we didn't know about, just moving from Chicago.

And then we went. And it really IS a thing. Woah. Mini bowling alley. Ferris wheel INSIDE the store. Kid play area in the shoe department. Like woah. All outdoors, all the time.

In Numbers: More than just cost, it's important to note kids have to be 36 inches tall to ride the ferris wheel. My 2yo was devastated. My 4yo on the other hand, was thrilled. $1/pp and buy tokens at the counter. The kid play area is free and the mini bowling upstairs is $2/pp.

For Kids: All kinds of stuff to see and explore! But I can guarantee they will require you fork out the cash for the ferris wheel ride. Be forewarned. It's unavoidable. There are kid activities around 6pm about 1-2x/month on a weekday for kids. After the craft/event that's themed, all kids aged 4-12 get a free ride on the ferris wheel. So there's a perk.

For Adults: The prices aren't too bad and they have a decent clearance selection. I actually compared rafts to Amazon right then and there and Scheels was super competitive, beating Amazon's current price. The kids will be happy and you will, too. But good luck dragging them out of there. My son thinks it's a play place and wants to go back daily.
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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