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About Me & My Family

we used to be grand adventureres until Mom came down with Lyme disease - now we're on the adventure sideline until she beats this mess. Instead of wallowing in our misfortune, we have ben planning some awesome trips to take when we're able - using trekaroo of course!
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adventurous, curious, structured, simple, independent, energetic, spontaneous, sophisticated, easy_going, scheduled, artsy
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Boston, MA
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Paris. France
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waking up in Paris to hear the bells of Notre Dame ringing outside our window.
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Long planned hiking trip to Yosemite & Northern CA. My daugter breaks her ankle the week before. We got passes to drive right up to a lot of spots so were lucky enough to see most everything, so I guess we made lemonade out of lemons...?
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July 16 2013
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Matilda the Musical
Shubert Theater,
225 West 44th St,
New York (Manhattan),
New York
We saw this in London, but it's the exact same thing so I wanted to review here. We were absolutely transfixed from the first second through the end of the show. We were a group of 8 - ages: 9 (boy), 12, 15, 18 (girls), 3 adult women and 1 adult man. EVERYONE loved this show. We were all singing the songs afterwards and still now, almost 2 weeks afterwards. Set design is incredible. I just can't say enough about this other than I can't imagine anyone not liking this musical. One of the absolute best I have ever seen on Broadway.
July 16 2013
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Fallingwater | kids travel, kids activities
1491 Mill Run Road,
Mill Run,
Pennsylvania 15464
"not for young kids, take the "in depth" tour!"
We had Fallingwater on our list of 'to-do's for a while and especially since we built the Lego model this past winter. My kids are 10 & 12. We loved it but with these caveats:
- we read about the house and F.L. Wright before our visit - definitely do this. There are kids books. Make sure they know what a cantilever is because that's the whole magic of the house.
- we took the regular 1 hour tour - it is NOT enough time to absorb anything at all. They do a great job in keeping the tours to small groups (about 15 - and that's all that can fit into the bedrooms!), but they have to keep everything moving like clockwork so you get into a room, hear the guides speech, they ask for questions, and it's time to move on to the next room. Definitely take the in depth tour - I cannot stress this enough!
- younger kids will be bored out of their minds. It is sparsely decorated and you're not really supposed to touch anything - it was left just as it was by the family that owned it. Imagine your kids being taken on a tour of a friends house - that's pretty much what it is and they will probably have zero interest. I really think it would be torture to take them here.

SO - in summary, for us personally it was wonderful, would have been perfect if we took the longer tour.
May 11 2013
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11146 Renaissance Dr,
North Carolina 27262
Just ate here for lunch and I'm getting more and more mad as the day goes on - best way to get over that is to let others know about my experience! Dropped by at opening time, another family was just behind us. Everyone orders and sits down. Their pizza comes out first and I thought it was strange, but was sure ours would be right behind. About 5 minutes later, the waitress/counter person goes to their table, takes the pizza and brings it to ours. She apologized and explained what happened - there were 2 pieces missing. Then she goes back to their table and brings over 2 slices that have already been served and assures me again that "they didn't touch them". I'm kind of in shock and look down at mine and the cheese is drizzled on top - you know that first slice when the cheese is still really melted and makes a string and you pull it off then pop it on your piece? Like that! So I say "no, these pieces HAVE been touched". She takes my one slice and goes back to replace it. I put the other slice aside and told my kids not to eat it. I wasn't very happy and didn't stand up for myself and should have. Now that I think about it, I'm not sure how anyone can NOT touch a pizza slice during serving - I'm now absolutely disgusted that I didn't return the whole thing and just get a refund. Going to call management on Monday and let them know what happened. I can't imagine that this didn't violate food service rules! So bottom line, what's happening behind the counter when this is happening in front of it? Expensive pizza. Needless to say, we won't be back and will be sharing our experience. Hate to do this to a non-chain but this shouldn't be happening anywhere.
April 13 2013
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Cafe 100
100 Huntersville-Concord Rd,
North Carolina 28078
"Great little place..."
Toast started here and this new one is just as good. They're famous for their breakfasts but I hear that they're also super crowded during that time. I had a burger and it was wonderful. Very simple food done well. It's in an old house so it's a very fun experience.
April 12 2013
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Mary Poppins on Broadway CLOSED | kids travel, kids activities
Mary Poppins on Broadway CLOSED
New Amsterdam Theater,
W. 42 Street ,
New York (Manhattan),
New York
"best set design I've ever seen"
Whoever designed this set is a genius - I have honestly never seen a better design - between scenes is a delight to watch. Loved every minute of this play, so did my kids. Mary can't zoom up the staircase like in the movies but they take care of that brilliantly. I can't recommend this one enough!