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About Me & My Family

I am a mom of 3 wonderful little boys (one with special needs), a beautiful baby girl, and am married to the man of my dreams. I am very interested in incorporating learning into activities that we do, so a trip to the beach turns into a school field trip. Recently, we moved back to California after a brief move to Texas and feel blessed to be able to be involved in all facets of Christian Camping. Because my husband and I serve in full time ministry, we're lucky to be able to spend a lot of time around each other and our family, having exciting adventures and just living life, day by day. :)
Our Family's Travel Personality
adventurous, curious, structured, relaxed, independent, energetic, spontaneous, easy_going, scheduled, artsy
We Just Got Back From
Japan, Lake Tahoe, Camp! (Not on the same trip though) :)
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Anywhere new where discoveries can be made! We're pretty frugal, so budget traveling is definitely the way we go. However, occationally, we do love to splurge too! :)
A Place We'd Love To Visit
Austrailia to scuba dive the barrier reef, a zero-gravity flight to experience weightlessness, ziplining and exploring a rainforest, exploring the vast glaciers in Alaska, just to name a few!
Favorite Vacation Memory
It's completely simple, but watching our 6 year old get selected to be a Jedi Knight at Disneyland. It's his "lifelong" dream and still today when someone asks him what he's going to be someday, he proudly answers, "A Star Wars Guy!"
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Right after checking into our hotel, my 4 year old threw up in the middle of the floor on the carpet, all over his jammies, his lovey, and on his little brother. Thankfully, the hotel we were staying in had a laundromat that was open late, so a few hours later, and after some carpet scrubbing, everything was cleaned up and like new.
Websites I Like:
trekaroo; facebook; craigslist; ebay; pinterest;

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222 Reviews

September 22 2015
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Avila Beach Paddlesports | kids travel, kids activities
Avila Beach Paddlesports
3915 Avila Beach Drive,
Avila Beach,
"Peaceful, Relaxing, Fun"
I'm kind of cheating with this review because I didn't take my children with me this time. I wanted to go out and have some relaxing mommy time with a girlfriend and find out if it was something I thought I could do with my Fab 5. When I first got out on the water, it was a little shaky. Thanks to the excellent beginners instruction, standing up took only a few moments to get the hang of. After we were up, we paddled past seals, around the pier, and out towards the jetty. The water was pretty calm and the overcast day was perfect because it didn't get too hot. I wore a sweatshirt and yoga pants and was comfortable. One of the best things about SUP was that you could stand up, sit down, kneel, lie down, put your legs over the side, whatever! It was really fun and a great way to see the bay! I will be taking my kiddos next time we're in town.
kids travel, kids activities
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September 22 2015
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Rush Air Sports
3200 Buck Owens Blvd.,
California 93308
"Pricey, But FUN!"
My family and I had a blast at Rush Air Sports! After buying the $3 socks (p/p) and paying the pricey admission (only the people playing have to pay), we were able to bounce our little hearts out on the trampolines! My special needs son had so much fun running and jumping from trampoline to trampoline. My daughter really liked the foam pit, and my other two boys had a blast challenging their grandfather to a race up the climbing walls! Overall, the price is definitely worth the admission but I would look to see if there are any discounts before purchasing.
September 22 2015
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California Living Museum (CALM) | kids travel, kids activities
California Living Museum (CALM)
14000 Alfred Harrell Highway,
California 93306
"Great Zoo!"
I love this zoo. Most of it is shaded, which provides such welcome relief from Bakersfield's heat. Inside the zoo, we usually start at the Mountain Lion Exhibit and work our way around the meandering circle past all types of different exotic and local animals. My daughter's favorite is the fox which "chases" her as she runs back and forth. I love marveling at the giant bears! The petting zoo/feeding area is also a lot of fun as well as the indoor terrarium for the different reptiles. Lastly, we always stop for a picnic lunch (bring your own) and eat it at the playground area under the trees or at the picnic tables. It really is a great way to spend a few hours!
September 22 2015
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Lake Ming
Lake Ming Drive,
California 94044
"Not Much To Do"
Lake Ming was kind of a disappointment if you're going there for anything other than the boat races (they were fun). The lake itself is part of the city's drinking water, so people aren't allowed to swim in it. In the summer, it's really tough being close to a large body of water and not being able to cool off! There is a small park which was fun for the kids for about 15 minutes, but other than that, I'd choose a different spot to play.
March 24 2015
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Murray Family Farms | kids travel, kids activities
Murray Family Farms
6700 General Beale Road,
California 93307
"We Love This Place!"
Murray Family Farms is an actual working farm, but with an eco-tourism addition. When you arrive at the farm, you walk into a large barn with produce, food, and gifts. At the cash registers you can buy entrances to the farm which include an animal garden, ball pit, giant bounce pillow, corn cannons, a ride-on train (weekends only?), and a hayride (again, weekends only). There is also a large ball throwing station and a giant rope web kids can climb on. It's laid out pretty well, so parents with multiple kids can sit in the barn and chat while keeping an eye on their kids playing in multiple areas (except for the animal garden part). We love going for the morning or afternoon and eating the fruit we pick off the trees or bushes, purchasing more, and even eating lunch outside! It's a lot of fun!