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24 July 2009

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About Me & My Family

I am a mom of 3 wonderful little boys (one with special needs), a beautiful baby girl, and am married to the man of my dreams. I am very interested in incorporating learning into activities that we do, so a trip to the beach turns into a school field trip. Recently, we moved back to California after a brief move to Texas and feel blessed to be able to be involved in all facets of Christian Camping. Because my husband and I serve in full time ministry, we're lucky to be able to spend a lot of time around each other and our family, having exciting adventures and just living life, day by day. :)
Our Family's Travel Personality
adventurous, curious, structured, relaxed, independent, energetic, spontaneous, easy_going, scheduled, artsy
We Just Got Back From
Japan, Lake Tahoe, Camp! (Not on the same trip though) :)
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Anywhere new where discoveries can be made! We're pretty frugal, so budget traveling is definitely the way we go. However, occationally, we do love to splurge too! :)
A Place We'd Love To Visit
Austrailia to scuba dive the barrier reef, a zero-gravity flight to experience weightlessness, ziplining and exploring a rainforest, exploring the vast glaciers in Alaska, just to name a few!
Favorite Vacation Memory
It's completely simple, but watching our 6 year old get selected to be a Jedi Knight at Disneyland. It's his "lifelong" dream and still today when someone asks him what he's going to be someday, he proudly answers, "A Star Wars Guy!"
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Right after checking into our hotel, my 4 year old threw up in the middle of the floor on the carpet, all over his jammies, his lovey, and on his little brother. Thankfully, the hotel we were staying in had a laundromat that was open late, so a few hours later, and after some carpet scrubbing, everything was cleaned up and like new.
Websites I Like:
trekaroo; facebook; craigslist; ebay; pinterest;

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Thanks Thank you 10/30/11
I've long thought that a list like that would be awesome on Trekaroo.  You're on the right track!  What I do think would be awesome is to include in your comments information about what grades and curriculum topics are great to focus on at each of these spots.  

Message Message 05/17/11

Thanks for getting this list up.  If you're planning to keep this list a combo list. (i.e. not focused on a particular crop), then I suggest that in the comments, you include info like - what their main crop is and time of the year for harvesting.  If there are enough of one type of farm for any particular category, it would be a good idea to create a separate list for that crop as people often have an idea of what they want to pick.  No sense in picking pecans if you don't like them.

The title should include the words - "farms".  Perhaps something like: "Best U-pick Farms Near Dallas and Ft. Worth".

Inspiring You're inspiring 04/26/11
Such a fun list!  Love the glass blowing idea.  I would be totally into that.

May I suggest a title change to make sure that it's Google friendly.

"Best Kid-friendly Mother's Day Events In Texas."  (Keep in mind that if the title includes "around   these tend to perform better in general)   But I think for this this, it'll be hard to pick a city name.

Message Message 04/20/11
Such a fun list!  You make me want to visit.

Do you want to take a stab at adding photos for each of these festivals?  Under the photo for each point of interest, there is a "flickr" icon that only editors can see.  Click on that and search for the festivals.  If there are photos on flickr, they'll show up and you can add them very easily.  Give it a try.  

Inspiring You're inspiring 04/05/11
Your Easter Egg Hunt looks fantastic.  Did you check the Google Keyword Tool?  Just wondering if DFW would be better replaced with Dallas Fortworth Metroplex or something like that.

Guru You're the Guroo! 11/28/10
I just love your list of holiday festivities in SLO.

Thanks Thank you 11/09/10
Thanks for sharing such a nice story on the World's Biggest Dinosaurs in Cabazon.  I enjoyed chatting with you.  

Thanks Thank you 11/03/10
Thanks this sounds soooo cool!  Bookmarking it right now.

Message Message 06/02/10
you are currently #5 on the leaderboard for the Summer of Travel Contest!  Way to go!  Rootin' for you.

We are also giving away a National Parks Pass:

Guru You're the Guroo! 05/27/10
For your review of: Nitt Witt Ridge
That's so cool! Thanks for sharing about this.  Bookmarking it for our next trip south.

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