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March 23 2010
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Happy Hollow Park & Zoo | kids travel, kids activities
Happy Hollow Park & Zoo
1300 Senter Road,
San Jose,
California 95112
"Amusement park for young children that has animals, rides and more!"
Happy Hollow Park and Zoo is a great amusement park for young children! This was our first time there and we went during their members “preview” day on a Sunday. We could tell it was a much anticipated re-opening as there were lots of people at Happy Hollow. The park and zoo are newly renovated and look modern, clean and fun.

We had an enjoyable time with our 17 month old daughter. She enjoyed seeing the animals, people watching and riding around the park in her stroller. She was too young to experience everything Happy Hollow had to offer, but we still had a great time.

We were interested in what animals we would see so we checked out the website the day before. We found out that they have lemurs, a jaguar, parrots, wallabies, goats and other animals. There is also a new fossa exhibit. (A fossa is a large mongoose that is an endangered species and only a few zoos exhibit them.) The Happy Hollow zoo isn’t very large, but it is a nice size for children. Learning about the animals beforehand would definitely make seeing the animals a richer experience.

Our daughter’s favorite animals were the goats. The goat pen was right at her eye level. When she saw the mommy and baby goats, she pointed at them excitedly and laughed! She was enthralled by the goats running around for quite some time. You can also feed and pet some of the animals and there are convenient hand-washing stations around the area.

There are also really fun playgrounds in the park. The main playground called Redwood Lookout looked amazing and many kids were playing happily on the climbing structures. It was very crowded on the day we went, but I imagine that on a weekday, it would be much less so. When our daughter is older, I know she’ll love to play on the impressive structures!

Happy Hollow also has rides. All the rides are included in the price of admission. The rides looked fun and we look forward to riding them in the future with our little one! There are two rides that even young children can go on as long as they are able to sit on their own and are with an adult. These are the Keep Around Carousel and Danny the Dragon. These two rides along with a few others are considered low thrill rides which are gentle and calm. Happy Hollow also has some mild thrill rides that looked like they would be really great for preschool-aged kids. Check out their rides page for more info and minimum height requirements so that you can plan which rides your family would like to try!

There is a restaurant in the park. But if you want to pack a picnic lunch, you can leave a cooler in your car (coolers are not allowed in the park), get your hand stamped for re-entry and eat in your car or at some picnic tables that are outside the park. We saw a family that sat in the trunk of their SUV enjoying some snacks and we thought that would be a great idea for next time!

Things to bring are hats, sunglasses, sunscreen, a stroller (for young children), good shoes for walking, and a camera!

Overall, Happy Hollow is a fun place that has enjoyable activities for younger children as well as older children. Definitely check out their website for more of what to expect. They have a printable map as well as lots of other good info!

*This review is based on a complimentary visit to Happy Hollow Park and Zoo I received no other compensation and the business owner did not state any requirements that I express a particular point of view.

October 10 2009
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Glacier Point - Yosemite | kids travel, kids activities
Glacier Point - Yosemite
Glacier Point,
Yosemite National Park,
California 95389
"The view is amazing!"
This is a must see if you are in Yosemite! There are hikes that start and end here, but you can also just drive and walk a little ways to see the view. If you have small children or aren't into hiking, this is a great place to see a spectacular view. Save this for last as it is pretty spectacular (and might make other views seem not as grand). Also, there is a snack bar that sells ice cream. :)
October 10 2009
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Universal Orlando | kids travel, kids activities
Universal Orlando
1000 Universal Studios Plaza,
"Really fun place for older kids (and adults!)"
This is a great theme park for older kids and adults alike. I went here (when I didn't have a family yet) and it was really fun! The rides were amazing and the park was well planned out and just fun! I'm not sure if younger kids have much to do here, but for older kids, teens and adults, this would be a really great way to spend the day!
October 10 2009
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Alameda Beach | kids travel, kids activities
Alameda Beach
South Shore Drive,
California 94501
"Kind of cool to have a beach in the East Bay"
I didn't spend too long here, but this was my little one's first time at the beach! It was a warmer fall day and people seemed to be enjoying themselves here! Some people were in even in the (freezing cold!) water. Right across the street is Sushi House which is a popular and pretty great restaurant! (But go right when they open if you want to get a table :)) Overall, it seems like a fun family beach especially if you live in the East Bay and don't want to drive too far.
October 10 2009
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Fitzgerald Marine Reserve | kids travel, kids activities
Fitzgerald Marine Reserve
200 Nevada Ave.,
Moss Beach,
California 94038
"Tidepools are amazing! "
I love coming here because the tidepools are amazing! Make sure to wear warm clothing and waterproof shoes like boots. There are a variety of animals to see and kids are so fascinated by the creatures! Find out when the low tide is and make a morning out of it!