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May 28 2013
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Cabrillo National Monument | kids travel, kids activities
Cabrillo National Monument
1800 Cabrillo Memorial Drive,
San Diego,
California 92106
"check the tides before you go"
We went here in April 2013 and it was forecasted to be a lovely day. We woke up to cloudy skies and hoped they would pass but it was not to be. This would be a gorgeous place in the sunshine!! But we still enjoyed the view and the gift shop has some neat things to see. There seems to be some sort of junior ranger activity kids can do (we saw others doing this but we did not have time). Also, they advertise tide pools that sound amazing but check the times before you go. The time of year we were there did not allow you to see them between the tide times and the hours that the park is open. So if you plan ahead this could be a really beautiful and fun place! Bring a picnic. And there is also a movie that is shown periodically that you can see explaining the history.
February 19 2013
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Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life | kids travel, kids activities
Thanksgiving Point Museum of Ancient Life
3003 N. Thanksgiving Way,
Utah 84043
"A little pricey...."
The dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point is an expensive place to go. However, if you are able to use coupons or other special discounts, it is worth seeing. My 5 year old son liked it and could have spent hours in the hands-on sections, where you can dig in sand. With older kids, you could actually spend a lot of time reading and learning. So maybe not the place for an on-the-go kid, but great for slightly older kids who are big dino fans!
January 22 2013
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Fashion Place Mall
6191 S State St,
Utah 84107
"Fun for all ages"
This is our favorite mall. The kids love Build a Bear, which other malls don't have. I love Crate and Barrel and Sephora which some other stores don't have. The food court has yummy choices like chick-fil-a. We have found the Easter Bunny and Santa to have better looking sets than other malls in the area. The Cheesecake Factory is also a plus here. Just beware of the parking, it gets crazy at peak times.
January 22 2013
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Rosecrest Splash Park
14070 South Rosecrest Road,
"Free fun for all"
We love going to this splash pad. Splash pads are so great because you don't worry about drowning like at the pool or waterpark. There is some shade near it so you can watch your kids and stay cool yourself. The place gets super busy in the warm weather and the cars park up and down the road. But Sunday is a great day to go, it's quieter then. There is a playground next to the splash pad so it's easy to watch the kids go back and forth between the two. There are a couple of picnic tables that have covers over them so familes often use them for parties. There is also a paved trail all the way around the little park so that you can walk and still kind of keep an eye on your kids.
January 22 2013
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Real Salt Lake Soccer
9256 South State Street,
Utah 84070
"If you love soccer..."
Go to a Real game! Even if you think you don't like soccer or that it's slow you should try a game. It moves much faster and there is much more to watch than what you see on TV. There is one end of the stadium with a band and it is loud so be sure to sit somewhere else if you don't want that noise. It is a fun, festive atmosphere with singing and cheering. Even my daughter (11) who isn't into sports really surprised us and enjoyed the game. The tickets can get pricey so look for deals. We got one through a Subway deal. We tried with the Pass of all Passes but the tickets sell out fast so we have heard you have to be there even before the ticket office opens. The concessions are super pricey so try to avoid those. And parking has a fee depending on where you go so we go down the road a bit to a free lot and just walk.