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27 May 2010

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About Me & My Family

I live with my Husband and Daughters in sunny Oceanside, CA. We love to get out and about and see new things! I have done a lot of traveling over the years with kids, from my 2 girls, my younger brother to my little cousins and nieces. I get a kick out of surprising them with fun new things and taking them to places I enjoyed as a child.
Our Family's Travel Personality
adventurous, pampered, structured, independent, energetic, scheduled
We Just Got Back From
Paris & London
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Koolina on Oahu, HI
A Place We'd Love To Visit
New York
Favorite Vacation Memory
The excited look on my girls face just before they see the next hotel we take on!
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
Waiting for the fog to clear from Oakland Airport, that can be a wait especially when my 6 month old does not want to take formula!

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Story Great story 02/18/15
For your review of: San Diego Natural History Museum

Story Great story 02/18/15
For your review of: San Diego Natural History Museum

Guru You're the Guroo! 04/29/13
Hello and welcome back to another great year of being on team "SoCal Superoo" for 2013! Sisily Calvert (ilovemybeautybaby) and I (Michelle McCoy aka mcfam) are the SoCal Guroos. We are excited to work with you again to make SoCal shine on Trekaroo. Keep writing your amazing vacation and local reviews. You are the experts and your writing is top notch! Make sure you fill out your Superoo survey from LiLing so that you are ready to go on a Superoo review and watch your inbox for new opportunities. Let us know if you have any questions. It's an exciting new year (I know it's not January.. haha) for Trekaroo!

Guru You're the Guroo! 12/12/11
Thanks for reviewing some holiday Disney activities!  It makes me so happy to see things reviewed!

Message Message 03/30/11
Hi Elizabeth-

I emailed you about the Pura Water bottles. Check your hotmail inbox!

Writemore Write more 03/21/11
For your review of: Anabella Hotel
Tell me more, tell me more, I just love your great tips!  Thanks for this helpful review.  I can tell you love this place!  It'd be great if you added some more specifics on the room, staff, amenities, pool, transportation... anything you can think of.  Thanks!!!

Guru You're the Guroo! 03/18/11
Thanks for jumping right in on Downtown Disney reviews!  I so appreciate it... and so will the Trekaroo Disney visitors!

Message Message 07/19/10
Next time you can rent all your baby gear from us, we are right down the street. http://www.paradisebabyco.com
Glad you had a good time! Aloha, Cara

Message Message 07/18/10

For your topic:

Turtle Bay?

Yes, I live down the street. It is a great hotel and there are a bunch of small baby pools and nice paths for walking.  

Guru You're the Guroo! 06/22/10
For your review of: Kula Kai Caverns and Lava Tubes
Wow!  Sounds amazing!  Thanks for this inside tip.  I'm bookmarking it.  

Are there bats?  I am terrified of bats.

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