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About Me & My Family

We are a Coast Guard family and travel across the country wherever we are sent! We love trying out new places that are affordable and fun. We recently moved from CT to Alaska...a 5,000 mile road trip with 2 kids and a dog! Follow our journey at
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Writemore Write more 02/27/12
Tell me more, tell me more, I just love your great tips! I love your reviews about Alaska!  Please write more!!  I lived in Fairbanks as a small child (my Dad was stationed at Eilson AFB) and have always meant to get back up that way.  You've inspired me to get right on it!

Inspiring You're inspiring 08/17/11
For your review of: Diamond Creek Trail
I’m inspired! I love reading all your reviews of Alaska!  We need more families writing about what's wonderful about your state for sure.  I wish I had all your recommendations when we were there a few years ago.

Would you be interested in helping Trekaroo launch Alaska?  

Guru You're the Guroo! 08/17/11
I love all the reviews you are adding in Alaska!  We traveled to Fairbanks, Anchorage and Seward last summer to visit our family at Ft. Wainwright and we loved it.  I was hoping then for more Trekaroo info onAlaska and there wasnt much.
Thanks for sharing your new experiences and everywhere you go as a military family.  And thanks for. Your family's service to our country!

Thanks Thank you 03/07/11
I just finished looking over your reviews for welcome rewards. I was so impressed the quality of your writing and how you knew exactly the kind of details that families would care about. Thanks for sharing about all the fun places you've been to with your kids. I'll be ordering your gift card this week, so look out for it in your email.

We enjoyed your reviews so much that the Superoo Council has nominated you for Superoo.

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