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96 Reviews

March 24 2009
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Betsy Ross House | kids travel, kids activities
Betsy Ross House
239 Arch Street,
Pennsylvania 19106
"Birth of our flag & the 5 pointed star"
Our girls enjoyed this tour. It was fun to see where Betsy lived and for the kids to learn the history of our flag in an engaging way. They got to meet a woman dressed as Betsy and learn how to cut 5 pointed stars out of paper. There was some fun, historical entertainment outside in the adjourning courtyard as well.
kids travel, kids activities
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March 24 2009
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Franklin Institute | kids travel, kids activities
Franklin Institute
222 North 20th Street,
Pennsylvania 19103
"Fantastic Fun"
During a visit to Philadelphia, we took the kids the the Franklin. The exhibits were so engaging and fun for all of us. We were lucky enough to be visiting when the King Tut exhibit was in town, which was a boon for my daughter who loved everything Egyptian at the time. The planetarium show was excellent. Highly recommend!
March 24 2009
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National Civil War Museum
1 Lincoln Circle,
Pennsylvania 17103
"Fantastic Tribute to the Civil War"
This museum was a wonderful surprise! They did a fantastic job creating a museum that intertwined the three different aspects of the civil war- the North, the South and the slaves. We all learned so much and enjoyed the numerous exhibits. It really was one of the more fantastic museums we've been too. We had taught our kids a little about the Civil War before we went to the museum, which was helpful but not necessary. Don't miss it if you are in or near Harrisburg!
March 24 2009
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Glass Beach | kids travel, kids activities
Glass Beach
Old Haul Road/Elm Street,
Fort Bragg,
"One Man's Trash Is Another Man's Treasure"
This is a unique place to visit and a must see if you are near Fort Bragg. It's a fun place to visit even in the winter, which we've done! Glass Beach was once the city's dump until they realized it was harmful to the environment to be dumping garbage on the California coast. So, after 30 years, they cleaned up the garbage, but were unable to get all the glass. Over the years, the waves and sand have polished the glass and in many places you can dig down a foot before you find sand. It's fun to play in the glass and look at the different shapes and colors, but you can't take it home. There are lots of tidepools which provide hours of entertainment. Bring layers as the weather can change from cold and foggy to sunny and warm. Also bring along some water, snacks and/or lunch. Don't forget good shoes for walking/climbing on the rocks that can get wet!
kids travel, kids activities
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March 24 2009
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McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park | kids travel, kids activities
McArthur-Burney Falls Memorial State Park
24898 Hwy. 89,
California 96013
"Great family camping, hiking & exploring"
This is an awesome place to camp with kids. We try to camp here every year for 2-3 nights. The campsites are clean and well space out. There are some newer bathrooms and showers mixed with some older bathrooms. There is a general store where you can pick up supplies you've forgotten or run out of. They also carry firewood, so you don't have to bring your own. Some nights there are ranger led campfires where you get to learn fun facts about the campgrounds. There is an awesome Junior Ranger program with activities for the kids (and adults) to complete. Once completed, you turn your activity sheet into a ranger at the check-in station and you get a patch. We've had loads of fun collecting patches from different years. The falls are amazing and should not be missed! You can enjoy them from the overlook or take a short hike down to the bottom. After enjoying the waterfalls, you can either hike back up or take a short loop around to the other side of the waterfalls and back to where you started. There is a lake where you can bring your motor boat, canoe or row boat, or you can rent a canoe, paddle boat or row boat down at the waters edge. Our kids have enjoyed canoeing around the lake exploring the waters edge and just enjoying their surroundings. Near where you can rent to boats, there is a picnic area and a very small beach. The kids love to go to the beach to swim, play in the sand and have lunch. You can bring bikes, scooters, etc for riding around the campgrounds. There's lots more to do, so get out there and experience it yourself!
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