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About Me & My Family

Our family LOVES adventure! There's just nothing better than getting out with your kids and experiencing something new. We love to travel, go camping, play outside, and enjoy all kinds of fun activities!
Our Family's Travel Personality
adventurous, curious, energetic, spontaneous
We Just Got Back From
South America! (But we didn't take the kids)
Our Favorite Vacation Spot
Europe. . . ALL of it
A Place We'd Love To Visit
China, Spain, Cancun, Bali
Favorite Vacation Memory
It's so impossible to pick just one! One of the most amazing days of my life was when I went on a bamboo raft down the river and then rode an elephant in Chiang Mai, northern Thailand. Incredible!
Worst Travel Moment With My Kids:
On an airplane ride with my first baby, who was 18 months old. We were descending and she threw up EVERYWHERE. Pure misery.
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January 26 2011
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Enchanted Winds Tree Farm | kids travel, kids activities
Enchanted Winds Tree Farm
18021 Issaquah-Hobart Rd,
Washington 98027
"Enchanted Winds Tree Farm with young kids"
We cut down our own Christmas tree for the very first time, and it was such a cool experience! Our kids had so much fun running through the trees and picking one out. We ended up finding a wonderful Noble fir, and everyone who worked there was very nice and helpful. My 20 month-old fell down and got her hands all muddy, and one of the employees took us into their employee lounge and helped me wash my daughter up.

Go if you want to have the fun experience of cutting down your own Christmas tree! And if you want your tree to be as fresh as it can possibly get!

Cons: You'll pay the exact same (or maybe even a little more!) than you would for a pre-cut Christmas tree from a store. I thought we'd be saving money but cutting it ourselves, but we didn't.
kids travel, kids activities
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January 26 2011
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Tot Spot Cafe' | kids travel, kids activities
Tot Spot Cafe'
17802 134th Ave NE, Suite 6,
Washington 98072
"Tot Spot Cafe with little kids"
I really like the concept and idea for this place. It sounds so awesome. . . an area where your kids happily play while you get to relax and chat with other moms. I took my 3 year-old and 20 month-old there and it was anything BUT relaxing. The play area was incredibly crowded, which made my kids nervous and clingy. I had to sit with them and play with them, so it wasn't great to have to pay for an attendant to watch them when I was watching them myself. Also the food and drinks were over-priced. I'd go again. . . maybe?
January 26 2011
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Bellevue Botanical Garden  | kids travel, kids activities
Bellevue Botanical Garden
12001 Main Street ,
"Christmas at the Bellevue Garden d'Lights!"
If you want to see creative, awesome light displays that will seriously blow your socks off, do NOT miss the Bellevue Garden d'Lights in December! We went for the first time with my 18 month-old and newborn baby and had such a fun time walking through it and seeing all the lights.

Tip: Go on the free nights! There are lots of them in December! Also, bundle up and bring strollers!
kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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January 26 2011
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The Lights of Christmas Holiday Festival | kids travel, kids activities
The Lights of Christmas Holiday Festival
20800 Marine Drive,
Washington 98292
"AMAZING Lights of Christmas!"
Oh wow, this place was incredible!!! We took my 18 month-old and newborn with us to the Lights of Christmas at Warm Beach Camp on a rainy night, and despite the rain we had an amazing time.

They have pretty much everything!!! It's right up there with Leavenworth as my favorite Christmas destination in Washington. Highlights: Pony rides, Santa, cute train that goes all around, totally awesome lights displays everywhere you look, performers, and just a wonderful festive atmosphere! I will be returning year after year!

Tip: Check daily deals sites in November/December for reduced admission. We bought ours for half-price!
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kids travel, kids activities
kids travel, kids activities
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July 20 2010
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Seattle Center | kids travel, kids activities
Seattle Center
305 Harrison St,
Washington 98109
"Seattle Center with young kids"
The Seattle Center is a whole tun of fun in one convenient area! From here you can access the Pacific Science Center, Seattle Children's Museum, and tons of other stuff. Our favorite is the International Fountain! My kids are too little to go run and play in it (it's a LOT of water and can be intimidating!) but they love to sit up at the top and watch it. They synchronize it to music, and the only better fountain I've seen is the Bellagio Fountain in Vegas. This one is pretty spectacular too!

Tip: Bring a stroller (it's a lot of walking for little legs!) and plan on spending at least two hours there. And don't forget the camera!
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