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I am a Mother to an amazing 4 year old little girl. I am an earth mama that loves to teach her about the importance of recycling, clean eating, love of the earth and each other. I practice attachment parenting, so my little one is ALWAYS with me. I love taking her places to explore and learn.
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Every time my daughter gets to see something new, it really does something to me. The reaction to things are so pure and come from such an amazing place. I hope she never looses that.

Celebrate New Years Eve 2013 with kids Los Angeles Area

2013 is fast approaching!  What better way to ring in the New Year than spending it with your kid's and family.  From ice skating to magic shows here are a few things the whole family will enjoy!


100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, California

Open from 9am-9pm on New Years Eve. Celebrate with the Grinch for the last time til next years Grinchmas.

reviewed on: December 22 2012

"The Grinch Stole My Heart! "
With all signs pointing that the Christmas Season has arrived at Universal Studios Hollywood, it was impossible to be a Grinch while visiting this amped up experience called Grinchmas.   The Grinch stole the show and my heart at Grinchmas.   During our recent visit to Universal Studios Hollywood, I, my husband and our four year old daughter enjoyed all that Universal has to offer with the bonus of Grinchmas.  Based on the Universal Studios movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas, Universal Studios brings the movie to life during this seasonal event that only happens on select days in December.   Universal did their magic when they made one of my favorite childhood books alive through film; they have done it again with the Grinchmas experience.

I have been coming to Universal Studios since I was a child.  This was the first time I have experienced the park during their Grinchmas event.  Experiencing the park when it’s not all dressed up for the holidays is fun in itself; the Grinchams event added a fun spin on the holiday season.    With the festive decorations, snow, and added shows, this was a perfect way to spend a day celebrating the holiday spirit with my family.  

Snow Play:

This was the highlight of my daughter’s day.  Universal Studios adds to the magic of the day by blowing fresh man-made snow everyday of Grinchmas.  I thought ahead and brought snow gloves for us.  This made it more enjoyable since snow will eventually make your hands hurt.  Snow is a hard to find commodity here in Los Angeles, so we made snowmen and snow balls for most of the morning.  

Character in the Park:

Get up close and personal with many of the characters from the movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas.  Throughout the park you will find characters running around and posing for pictures.  What I found extraordinary was the elaborate makeup these characters adorned.  Just like in the movie they had full make up and dress.  They also had all the sass and vibrant attitudes the characters have in the movie.  These where some of the best amusement park characters I have had the pleasure of interacting with.  

Whoville Celebration:

Whoville comes to life on the back lot Studio Tour tram.  It was a treat to drive into Whoville and get what felt like your own private little show.  Characters like Cindy Lou Who, Mayor Augustus Maywho, The Grinch and his dog Max sang and danced, it felt like we were in the front row for something special.

Lighting of the Grinchmas Tree:

The Lighting of the Grinchmas Tree was how we choose to end our spirited day.  All our favorite characters from the movie showed up to entertained this packed show.  Through singing, dancing, and storytelling, marvelous actors convey the message of the Grinch in a 15 minute show.  The finally of this sweet and impactful message was the lighting of the twisted Grinchmas Tree.  With our hearts warm from the message and the hot chocolate we bought for $6 (reusable take home mug included) we left with amazing holiday memories and of course our mug!

Bottom Line:

“ Well, in Whoville they say - that the Grinch's small heart grew three sizes that day” Our experience at Grinchmas made our hearts grow three sizes that day too!  Universal has made it their job to make movies come alive.  I have been coming here since I was a child.  Now being able to bring my child to experience some Hollywood Grinchmas magic made our holiday a lot brighter.  It’s safe to say Grinchmas exceeded my expectations.  

My family and I received complementary tickets to Universal Studios Hollywood to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own.  I was not told to express a particular point of view.  


100 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, California

Movies, restaurants, bowling, shopping and more! Bundle up and spend the day at this fabulous outdoor shopping adventure.

reviewed on: May 14 2011

"This is a great all day activity! A bit Pricey!"
I love the Universal Citywalk.  There is so much fun stuff to do.  It is fun to take the kids in the day to catch a movie, a bite to eat, and maybe some bowling, shopping, indoor sky diving, or sit and have an ice cream and watch all the people go by!

Some of the restaurants that are at the citywalk are, Saddle Ranch (see my review), Wolfgang puck, Tony Romas, Bubba Gump, Hard Rock (see review) and many more.  Including Pizza Hut, Subway, Taco Bell, Panda Express etc.

The movie theater complex is huge!  They have 19 theaters with huge screens and state of the art sound.  This is not your average theater.  They also have an 8 story Imax theater. WOW!

The bowling alley is very hip and the indoor sky diving looks like a lot of fun.

This is also connected the Universal City.  A theme park dedicated to the movies.  You could have a nice vacation by doing the Citywalk one day and Universal another day.  This is worth checking out.  You will have a nice time.

Be prepared to spend some money.  Things are not cheap.  Parking is $10, you get a discount if you see a movie, &  all the activities add up.


26101 Magic Mountain Parkway
Valencia, California

Open 10:30am-6pm New Years Eve, Magic Mountain has rides for toddlers to adults. If you and your family loves speed then this is how you will want leave 2012 behind!

reviewed on: September 22 2011

"This review is for all the little ones!"
This summer I decided to purchase a season pass.  What a deal!! Because my daughter is still 2 she is free so I only had to pay for one pass plus a $50 unlimited parking pass.  We live in Valencia so we were able to go when ever she wanted to.  It was a great alternative to the park.  

Now to the review of the park.  This is a review of the under 36" rides only.  The area for the younger children is a nice size area that is much shadier than the rest of the park.  There are 2 trains, tea cups, bird cage, small carousel, airplane, and a mini roller coaster (her favorite) and a few more small rides.  There is also a big indoor ball room that the kids can play with & shoot balls around.  Lots of climbing and interaction with other kids.  The area also have a big bathroom and a food section.  My daughter had a blast every time.

Because the season pass is such a great deal, it was nice that I didn't feel like I had to stay all day to get my money's worth.  We could spend a couple hours many times and get more than our money's worth.

The "toddler" section by the way is NEVER crowded.  We never had to wait in line, even on busy days it was a breeze.  

I am only reviewing this section of the park because of the age and height of my child, I was unable to experience the rest of the park.  That being said, I am sure that it is a great park and a great day of fun.  The park is clean, family friendly, easy to get to, and easy parking.  The staff I encountered where all very friendly and helpful.  If you have small children to teenagers and live close by...a season pass is so worth it.  Food as to be expected was pricey, but if you eat before you come and bring a granola bar, you might only have to buy a drink and a snack.

We had fun this summer and will be buying a pass next year too.


1418 Fourth Street
Santa Monica, California

Following the magic show, celebrators will partake of pizza, popcorn, and sparkling cider (or champagne!) to toast the new year. Doors open at 8:30 pm for a 9:00 pm show, suitable for young ones 5 and up. Reserve ahead for $60 per person, which also includes requisite noisemakers, hats, a magic class and souvenir bag of tricks.

reviewed on: October 01 2012

"So much fun! "
When we received a recent invite to a 6 year old birthday party to be held at Magicopolis I was a little skeptical.  What was my girlfriend thinking having her daughters 6th birthday at this "creepy" place that I have walked/driven by a thousand times and never felt the urge to go inside.  
All my preconceived notions about Magicopolis where so wrong.  Yes the place has a creepy feel to it but that's part of the set up.  It's very old Houdini feel.  The magicians are part magic part comedians.  They where very good with the kids.  Especially the woman magician she was truly magical to watch and so funny!
We arrived early and they immediately went into action with the birthday girl and my daughter til the rest of the kids arrived.  They did a private little magic show for them for about 15 minutes.  They where very considerate asking everyone that came if they would like something to drink.  My girlfriend said she didn't have to do a thing.  Just tell them what she wanted served and they did the rest.  Pizza, fruit, juice, water, soda, wine, and cake where served.  
After food was served we where led into the show.  The magician did an hour set with one intermission.  All guest where given popcorn as they where seated.  The kids just loved it.  The show was interactive with both the kids and the parents.  When we where leaving many of the dads said that was the best party we have ever been to!  It's very adult friendly!  
You can watch a show without attending a birthday party.  They have a bar for their evening shows which I am assuming have more adult content than the tamed down show we saw.  This is definitely a place we will check out without the kids!


Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica, California

Celebrate the New Year California style

reviewed on: July 13 2010

"Cool down at the beach!"
We love coming down to the beach.   We live in Santa Clarita and it gets HOT!  The pier is nice because you can spend sometime on the rides; carousel, a small roller coaster, or the big ferris wheel.  Or try to win a stuffed toy at one of the many game tables.  The arcade is packed with video games and skee ball machines.  After we've had our fill of the games we will head down to the aquarium.  It's free for kids 12 & under and a donation of at least $2, but they like $5 for over 12 years old.  At last there is a ton of beach that my little girl loves to explore.  Like most children she could build sand castles for hours.  There is a lot to do here.


1324 5th St.
(At the corner of Arizona Ave. and 5th St. in S Santa Monica, California

Enjoy a winter party with seasonal music spinning until midnight, hot chocolate and snacks from the retro snack trailer on site. Skating time plus rentals is $12.