4 Reviews of South Point Hotel Casino-Spa

A great Vegas option for families

- October 2015

I love going to Vegas but I do NOT like taking my kids to the Las Vegas strip. It is dirty, people are drunk and inappropriate, and the the amount of porn on the street is definitely not family friendly. That being said, we usually do end up in Vegas with our kids at least a year, usually on our way to someplace else, and we need to stay the night. The hotel huge and located on the outskirts of town, off I15 on the western side. This summer, I checked out South Point Casino and was very impressed. The rooms are nice. The pool area is extensive and was filled with families on a Friday night. Plus it doesn't close super early like the pools on The Strip typically do. The hotel has a movie theater and bowling alley. There is also a spa, casino, and bingo parlor for mom and dad to enjoy. There are over 10 restaurants as well. As if all of this wasn't enough incentive to stay, the prices are also incredibly low. Definitely give this spot a chance if you are passing through Vegas and just don't want to deal with The Strip.

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A Great Place to Stay for A Great Price!

- February 2013

South Point has wonderful rates for their rooms. They don't charge a resort fee, and recently started offering free Wi-Fi! Also, the rooms are fantastic, and there's lots to do. Buffets. Steak N' Shake. Plus a movie theater, bowling alley, bingo, etc, along with the usual slot machines and such. There's even an arcade, and an arena where events are held, some are paid, and some are free. It's a great place to stay in Las Vegas, and it's not too far from the strip.

Our go-to hotel

- January 2013

We love going to Vegas WITH the kids! They love it! There is so much to do in Vegas for families. We have been staying at this hotel since it first opened and have never had a single problem. The rooms are always clean, the beds comfortable and we love that how big the rooms/bathrooms are. The pool is great during the summer time and they have a bowling alley and movie theater. You will get a coupon book at check in that usually has free buffets and B1G1 on bowling. The only thing that is irritating is that all the Vegas hotels still charge $15 for wifi. They have a deli that has pretty good food for a quick bite and it's just a short distance to the main strip area.

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