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Rough Riders Hotel

301 3rd Ave, Medora, North Dakota
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2 Reviews for Rough Riders Hotel

August 27 2016
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"Well-appointed and stately but a little boring for kids."

The Rough Riders Hotel is arguably the most luxurious and famous accommodations in Medora. The hotel is gorgeous and the decor and furnishings are well-appointed, providing an authentic western ranch feel, but may not be appreciated by small children.

Guests have access to the pools at the Bunkhouse and the Badlands Motel. We didn't have time to exercise this amenity, but we were happy that since the Rough Riders Hotel does not have a pool, we'd at least have one nearby to use on hot afternoons.

The bed, linens, and general space in the King room we stayed in was not unlike a typical room at a moderate hotel chain. The difference that makes staying at the Rough Riders Hotel worth the extra money is the nostalgia and the eerie yet welcome feel of historic magnitude the hotel exudes.

Being a bookworm I took to the fireplace library in the main lobby right away. The stamped ceiling and the light fixtures paired with the leather furniture all add special ambiance to the rustic but upscale hotel.

Part of the allure of this lodging is that it is centrally located in the small town and as such is within walking distance of nearly everything outside the Park proper and the Medora Musical. (Which I suppose super fit, enthusiastic guests could also walk to given enough time!) We enjoyed the proximity to the Badlands Pizza Parlor and Boots Bar and Grill as well as the Marquis des Mores Ice Cream Parlour. We also visited the town playground, located behind the Badland Motel and had beautiful views of colorful badland rocks from our room.

The hotel is on the pricey side, averaging about $200/night in the summer season.


Remove the $30 "Teddy Bear" and the beautiful $40 tabletop book from your living space and place it into the closet for the duration of your stay -- unless you plan to purchase them! They are lovely but we hate when hotels do this, making an automatic hurdle for the kids as we enter the room.

There was a fabulous walk-in shower with tiles custom designed to match Theodore Roosevelt's ranch brands, but no tub. This wasn't an issue for our crew, but it's something to consider.

If you hang out a "no service" sign on your door the night of your arrival, you'll get $5 off breakfast at Theodore's Dining Room. We didn't partake in dining in-house, but it looked divine.

Disclosure: My family and I received complimentary lodging at the Rough Riders Hotel during our stay in Medora. All opinions expressed are our own.

September 23 2013
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"Rough Riders Hotel - top choice to stay in Medora"

The Rough Riders Hotel is our only choice for lodging in Medora. The rooms are all brand new (but with some old west flair!), our son LOVED the all-tile walk-in shower, and the lobby fireplace and surrounding giant bookcase were an awesome area to read and relax for the evening. But the best thing about the Rough Riders is it's location -- across the street is a great family-friendly breakfast buffet, Cowboy Lyle's Candy store, and the Pizza Parlor, plus just a block away is the COOLEST wild west kids park you will ever find. The kids will spend hours playing there and it's so close to the hotel it's perfect.

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