North Pines Yosemite Valley Campground

9024 Southside Drive, Yosemite National Park, California
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1 Review for North Pines Yosemite Valley Campground

August 14 2013
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"Pleasent but not really the place to "get away""

The camp sites are quite spacious so plenty of room for the kids to roam and still be nearby.  There is a limit of six people over age 3 per camp site. It was not inforced so there were quite a bit of large noisy groups. The bear box that is provided is quite small and they are very strict about having any food items stored only in a bear box. There were extra bear boxes down the road but it was far enough that we had to drive and then they were all full. The river was right by the campground and there was great wading just a short walk from our site. There was plenty of shade so our site was at least partially shaded at any given time.
The bathrooms were ok. Thre are flush toilets and running watter but there was no soap so make sure to bring your own. There was 1 outlet to be used only for bathroom appliances. There were piles of wadded toilet paper on the floor for most of our visit (6 nights).
A Bear ran through our site several of the nights we were there as other campers hadn't stored food properly. Bear guns are used to scare the bears away from the humans. They are like paintball guns and shoot rubber bullets. They make quite a noise. Nothing like getting woken up by bear feet thumping buy, rangers screaming at the bear and then gun shots. Pretty exciting but not very peaceful!
There are showers located in Yosemite but not very close to the campground. Driving there was necessary for us. We chose to just skip the showers as they were $5 per person (even for small children). $35 for showers just wasn't worth it to us.
The North Pines Campground is right next to the stables. It is close enough that in the evening you can definately smell the horses at your camp site. My husband is very allergic and unfortunately this was very uncomfortable for him. We wish we had known the stables were so close as we would have definately chosen something else.
Campfires were allowed but only between 5pm and 10pm as they are trying to cut down on pollution throughout the valley.
The valley was extremely crowded (we were there in July) and the road system is like a maze. The maps were not very clear and we found that it took forever to get out of the valley. Once we did we were very happy as the crowds got much smaller. If you don't like crowds and want to get away I would recommend staying outside of the valley at one of the many campgrounds that the park has to offer.
That being said there is definately a lot to do in the valley and if you can tolerate the crowds it is definately worth a visit.

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