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Microtel Inn & Suites By Wyndham Carolina Beach

907 N Lake Park Blvd, Carolina Beach, North Carolina
From $125.10
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1 Review for Microtel Inn & Suites by Wyndham Carolina Beach

May 31 2011
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"Worst Hotel Experience Ever"

I was told one price when I made the reservation for two rooms. I was told one total and asked several times for the person on the phone to repeat the total so I could write it down and be sure. I was also told there would be a confirmation email, which I never received. Upon check in, the rooms had not been cleaned yet, so we had to wait. The total also came up to twice what I was told it would be, and we were charged extra for more than one person staying in a double room. How can you assume only one person is staying in a double room? I was not asked how many people were in my party and I was not told there would be extra charges. The total was twice what I was told over the phone, plus the extra charges. The manager was extremely rude despite my attempts to politely ask what went wrong. I was told I could stay and accept the situation or leave. "You can stay or you can leave right now." I was also told that I was responsible for knowing the correct prices and knowing about the extra charges. The manager said "You must not travel much." I do travel. A lot. I've been a military dependent for 21 years, as have the people with me. That means we travel much more than the vast majority of people, and have stayed in numerous hotels all over the country and overseas. The wifi (advertised and charged for) was not functioning either, and the manager could not fix it. After being treated horribly, we moved to a different hotel, but spent an hour with the manager telling us that all of our banks were "rejecting" our refunds. After calling my bank, I learned she never attempted to refund us. We were lied to and the manager attempted to charge us double, and then not refund us.

Cleanliness is not a strong suit of this hotel either, even the lobby was unclean not to mention the rooms. Also overheard manager telling other patrons that the rooms they wanted were taken (by me and my party) but that they could have the rooms next door for half price, and that the rooms I rented were faulty (bathroom issues) anyway.

Needless to say this was the worst experience I have ever had and I will not return. I recommend everyone look elsewhere. I have never been treated worse at any establishment in my life. And the entire party was made up of soldiers, spouses and children of soldiers. Wonderful way to show appreciation for the troops. We were all treated horribly by the manager and left. Vacation was totally ruined.

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