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- December 2010

Husband's uncle got married here and had an all night, rip-roaring shindig in the gymnasium (converted into a banquet hall). Seriously cool diggs!

Kennedy School is a former abandoned school that's been turned into a hotel/brewery/restaurant.

Classrooms have been transformed into bedrooms complete with original chalk boards and trappings. There is a restaurant that serves great food, a movie theater (with an awesome beer selection, pizza, and snacks), and an awesome soaking pool. Acting naughty, spend some time in Detention, a cigar bar. Seriously, the kids will love this!

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Great place to stay, great place for movies!

- December 2010

I have never stayed at the Kennedy School, but we have been there for different events as well as movies.

One of the best things the various McMenamin's locations offer are Mommy Matinees.  This is a movie (usually very family friendly) that people can go to and bring kids.  It is expected that it will get a little noisier during these movies as there are babies and kids and with parents and grandparents.  

At the Kennedy School you will be able to sit on big couches, at tables, throw blankets on the floor, etc.  There are food and bevs served throughout the movies (including the beers...McMenamins is a well known Micro-brewery in Oregon and SW Washington).  

The different locations offer this at different times on different days and the moves change weekly (they are usually things that are just about to come out on DVD or are out already...that being said, it is cheap to get in!).

They do other movies where older kids can come to, but it is more expected that they can talk quietly and not be too disruptive for those showings.  They are also the older rated movies generally.

Check their websites for what is playing at the location you want to visit.  All of the McMenamins are unique places.  The group really likes to buy old building and restore them to their glory, while adding their own touches.  You don't lose the feel of what it must have been like when you are there.