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La Valencia Hotel

1132 Prospect Street, La Jolla, California
From $178.27
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2 Reviews for La Valencia Hotel

July 22 2013
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"In The Center of the Action"

Nestled in the center of La Jolla Village, we had no problem finding the “The Pink Lady” as she is affectionately called. Yep, it’s pink. We drove right up to valet hotel parking at La V avoiding the stop and go of tourist traffic, mayhem of vacationing pedestrians and summer road construction!

A few of our favorite things….
- Amazing ocean views from the pool
- Architecture and Family “Wing”
- Location, location, location

- Hotel restaurants were a little fancy for kids
- Not much for kids at the actual hotel

The architecture is spectacular. We saw early 1900’s Spanish style with palatial ceilings and a breathtaking view of the Pacific Ocean through the giant picture window in the lobby area.

The hotel was acquired in stages resulting in a combination of large buildings and villas. Our building housed rooms with 2 queen beds. As this is also a romantic destination, I was happy to be in a section with other families and we soon heard the pitter-patter of little feet running down the halls. A welcome sound for a mom of three life-loving energetic gems.

Our bellman was fantastic, even joining in an impromptu dance party with my kids. The room was spacious with a desk, console, two queen beds and a huge TV and my kids quickly found the cartoon channel. I absolutely loved the bathroom with big mirrors, deep tub and real cabinets and drawers. This gave a homey feel that I don’t often experience in hotels as well as a place to put our stuff off the counter.

The pool has a glass wall with fabulous views out over the ocean. Breathtaking. Large comfy pool lounges and lots of towels made this area truly inviting with food and drink service also available. At first it was only vacationing couples and I was a little worried about disturbing the calm with frolicking youngsters, but we were soon joined by lots of families and kids ranging from toddlers to teenagers. My kids quickly made friends while the parents exchanged great restaurants and vacationing tips.

Other than the pool there is not much for kids at the actual hotel. However, when we took a walk around to get our bearings we quickly discovered that La V is located smack dab in the middle of everything great you would want to do in La Jolla. We walked out the front doors through the shops of downtown and around the hotel to the park with the famous tree that inspired Dr. Seuss.
La Jolla Cove was to one side, Shell Beach and Children’s beach to the other, tide pools galore, and seals. Lots of seals. This area is known for all the seals. With the seals came birds and the smell in the air was “unique”, but the animals up close were magnificent. We spent hours looking at the tide pools, getting sprayed by the waves and investigating a sea cave. Next time we will bring snorkels to see what is going on underneath.

As we headed back to the hotel we discovered a "secret" door to La V. Covered partially in vines, entry was permitted only with a hotel key. Once through the door a small passage way leads you to some spanish stairs. Once up the stairs you are standing right at the pool! A short-cut from the beach and a "secret" adventure for the kids.

The options for dining in the actual hotel were a little upscale for kids. But, being in the hub of La Jolla Village the dining options outside of the hotel were endless. Any price range, take-out or sit down. We choose Smash Burger followed up by Hagen Daz for dinner and The Brockton Villa for breakfast.

La V also has a workout room and in-room spa services from a local spa for moments when one is not playing in the pool or looking at the tide pools.

Note: The hotel is currently undergoing a renovation of the traditional lobby and courtyard so we did experience some construction noise. Call ahead and make sure it’s complete for a more serene experience.

Disclaimer: My stay was courtesy of La Valencia. All experiences and reviews are my own.

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March 18 2011
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"Wish we were there right now !"

On a 12 day vacation in Southern California, the
La Valencia Hotel in La Jolla was a heaven sent stop between Disneyland and Sea World, etc.
I wanted to stay at a hotel close to the water because I read reviews that traffic can be a problem if coming for the day, and parking is limited. I will admit that the cost was more than any other hotel we stayed in; however, I believe it was the most well spent money during the entire vacation! I got a package deal through the hotel that included a picnic lunch (which we enjoyed in the park on the afternoon we checked out), and tickets to the Scripps Aquarium (that was a close drive before leaving the La Jolla area) There was so much to do and see in this area, like Seal Rock that was very entertaining and tide pools to older son went snorkeling for the first time and loved it ! I loved the pool and the whirlpool to relax, soak up the sun, and gaze endlessly at the breathtaking view...aahhh  
Everyone who worked at the hotel was very friendly, helpful, and made us feel very welcome and cared for.
Our room was very nice, clean and was fun to lounge in a robe and order room service for breakfast ! (something we usually never do)  I wanted to walk around the town and search the shops for the perfect souvenir, but we ran out of time...
oh well, I guess we'll have to go back !!

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