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Highland House

10 Snowshoe Drive, Snowshoe, West Virginia
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1 Review for Highland House

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December 23 2010
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"A skiers paradise but not very luxurious"

     Highland House is a great stay if you’re looking to be in the middle of everything, but you’re not going to find luxury accommodations here.  Have your expectations set so you aren’t disappointed. When traveling with my family, I try to strike a balance between going for luxury that mom and dad would enjoy and having a room that’s practical and kid-friendly.  Which means that with a 13 year old and a 9 year old, anything too grown-up is out but nice sheets and fluffy pillows are a must when I stay in a hotel.  For us, Highland House falls a little too far from luxury for my particular taste.  With rooms that cost $500 a night, I was expecting more, and was disappointed at the homeliness and lack of details from check-in, to the size of the beds, to the lack of towels in the health spa.  However, to its credit, the biggest positive about Highland House is its location.  Being right in the center of everything at Snowshoe is really what you are paying for when you stay at Highland House.

Checking in:
The Mountain-top check-in is a bit of a drive from the Highland House which meant unloading and re-loading the kids.  After check-in, you must drive to the unloading area at the Brigham Center and travel underground to the Highland House which is on the other side of the Village.  We really appreciated being able to avoid going back out into the blizzard conditions outdoors.  

The condos at Highland House are individually owned so it is a bit of a potluck as to what your room will be like.  I can only speak from our experience. Our room had 2 bedrooms and a nice sitting area with a fold out couch.  The master bedroom was a nice size with vaulted ceilings and a small wet-bar.  Unfortunately, the bed was tiny, hard and uncomfortable with scratchy sheets and two flattened pillows.  Even with the extra room created by the tiny bed, there were no drawers to unpack into.  Although there is a closet, not everything can be hung up so we ended up just leaving our clothes in the suitcase all weekend.  The same problems existed in the second smaller bedroom.  In the second bedroom, there was only space for the same tiny, hard bed.  The kids were able to co-exist in the space partly because we also used the fold out couch at night.  Two adults would have been tripping over each other in that room.  

One area that Highland House does win points for is the excellent housekeeping staff.  They were extremely friendly and even took care of the breakfast dishes that we left in the sink.  Our room was clean and we had plenty of fluffy towels the whole time we were there.

Highland House guests are able to enjoy both the Split Rock Pools and the outdoor hot tub in the health spa.  The Split Rock Pools were one of the highlights of our trip.  They are a short walk from Highland House, but well worth it.  Split Rock has indoor/outdoor pools with slides, a geyser, and two outdoor hot tubs for mom and dad.  The pool towels were fluffy and big enough to wrap up in which is important when leaving the warmth of the hot tub for the cold run indoors.  The outdoor hot tub at the Highland House was a nice touch; however it would have been nice to have towels available in the spa for guests.

     Overall, we really did enjoy staying at the Highland House. The best thing about Highland House is its location right in the center of the village.  Not having to hike everywhere we went actually made up for the lack of luxury.  Everything we wanted to do at Snowshoe was truly within walking distance of the Highland House.  It is also a ski-in/ski-out facility.  Each room has a locker for ski equipment so you can grab your skis and literally be on the slopes straight from your hotel.  After all, Snowshoe is a ski resort and they cater to skiers.  If you are looking for a hotel convenient to the village and the slopes, then Highland House will meet your expectations.  If you are looking for a bit of luxury, just know that you are not going to find mints on your pillow or valet service here.    

The Resort offers a number of restaurants but they were overpriced and the food wasn’t great.  If you are renting a room with a kitchen, do yourself a favor and bring food to cook yourself.  I am generally against cooking at all on vacation but I was wishing for a frozen pizza after trying the pizza from Cheat Mountain Pizza.  

*This review is based on a 2-night complimentary stay at the Highland House.  I received no other compensation and the business owner did not state any requirements that I express a particular point of view.

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