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Dolphin Lane Motel

318 Carolina Beach Avenue , Carolina Beach, North Carolina
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1 Review for Dolphin Lane Motel

February 22 2011
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"Best value on the beach for families of all sizes!"

If you're anything like me, extreme frugality is just another facet of your sparkling parental personality. This can be quite the obstacle when planning a beach vacation for a family (of any size). Or, you can be extremely fortunate like me and land on this place by happy accident.

Full disclosure: this is not a luxury lodger by any means. It's downright Spartan. Our lodging included two queen beds, a private bath, tv, and "bare basics" kitchen with plates, cups and a can opener. What it lacks in "window dressing", it makes up for with its unbeatable location and value. We paid $69/night for a suite right on the beach. Literally. We stepped out of our room every day into sand (while passing the small on-site pool). There were a handful of families around, however, the majority of the guests were older couples. No matter - more beach for us!

The hotel is split into various properties. The first, being the main hotel; u-shaped with an interesting, but not annoying, parking lot. Here you will find the friendly and chatty management staff and office. Across the street is a small beach house with its own parking lot, perfect for family gatherings and reunions ... or if you simply want your own private bungalow. Next to that is a set of suites for large families/groups, with private parking below.

Within reasonable walking distance are restaurants, Bank of America, happening night life spots (though we couldn't hear them through the super-thick walls), and your typical beach shops (towels, souvenirs, ice cream). A short drive away is a large Food Lion, with plenty of organic food and sundry items as well as traditional grocery.

Special note: While all guests of the main hotel are given parking passes, this does not guarantee you a spot. If you're going to leave the premises, make sure to check with the manager for alternative parking.

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