Comfort Inn Pioneer

335 Howard Baker Hwy, Pioneer, Tennessee
From $89.95
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1 Review for Comfort Inn Pioneer

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February 18 2011
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This is the absolute nicest hotel I have EVER stayed in. There are so many things there for you to do. There is a continental breakfast that is more of a restaurant buffet. They give you free cookies at night. The pool is ALWAYS clean. There are swings and benches outside for relaxing and inside a lounge area with a tv and books. The rooms are large, clean and comfortable. The people, well, you know what they say about those southerners. They sure know how to treat ya! My daughter LOVES the pool and the swings. She was able to stand up in the pool for the first time last year and we swam for hours. It was one of the few public pools I was not afraid to let her go in. We took her picture in front of all the cool statues that they have and old Farm equipment. For whatever reason, she found that really cool at 3 years old.

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