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Canaan Valley Resort And Conference Center

230 Main Lodge Rd., Davis, West Virginia
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2 Reviews for Canaan Valley Resort and Conference Center

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February 12 2011
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"Canaan Valley Resort and Conference Center"

Canaan Valley Resort and Conference Center is a wonderful place to vacation with your family and friends, or a nice place to escape  to for a weekend retreat.  

The Resort has comfortable accommedations, wonderful food and many activities.  Skiing at Canaan was very enjoyable.  Tubing was a great deal of fun as too.

Canaan Valley is not just a winter destination, it is really nice resort to visit in the spring and summer months, as well.  There are many trails for hiking & biking.  The resort does not  have as many activities in the spring, summer &  fall, but they do have several.  There are two BIG benefits of visiting Canaan Valley in the spring, summer or fall-less crowded and substantially cheaper.  

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January 11 2011
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"Beloved Family Tradition"

Our family made a tradition to visit this resort every year while I was a teenager. This is beautiful, wild country, where you can have a blast hiking and skiing, and you never know what wildlife you might spot if you keep your eyes open. It is a more rustic setting than some people are used to, but if you want to create memories to last a lifetime, this is the place to do it!

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