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Ambassador Hotel Milwaukee

2308 W Wisconsin Ave, Milwaukee, Wisconsin
From $169.00
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1 Review for Ambassador Hotel - Milwaukee

March 25 2013
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"A Delightful Trip Back in Time"

The Ambassador Hotel in Milwaukee is a historical landmark that has been upgraded to have the finest luxuries and fun modern details. The art deco style is unique and gives your family an experience unlike your typical hotel destination.

Our kids were very excited to hear we were going on vacation to Milk-
wake-eeeee, until they heard the hotel we were visiting didn’t have a
pool. It took a lot of convincing to get them to step out of our van and into
the Ambassador. However, once we walked into the lobby, they started
squealing and didn’t want to leave! The highlight of the lobby was the
gorgeous bronze elevators. Our daughter was so excited that they opened up like regular doors that we had to make several trips up and down, just for fun.

The service at the Ambassador is outstanding! We were immediately
greeted (children included) and walked to the front desk. The first person we met asked our names and from that point on, the staff magically greeted us by name. Our bags were delivered to our hotel room immediately. The staff continually checked in with our children and us, offering our kids high-fives and making friendly jokes. When it was discovered that a large group of teenagers was staying at the hotel that night, the staff took care to make sure none of their rooms were near ours and to give us a heads up about possible noise. Security was constantly patrolling the halls and did a great job of maintaining a restful atmosphere.

The rooms at the Ambassador are extremely spacious. Our kids spent a large portion of the weekend practicing cartwheels across the massive open floor space. Because there’s so much space, be sure to bring favorite toys with from home. There is a lot of  room to play! I’m a neat freak, and I peaked in every single corner looking for a speck of dirt or a tiny cobweb and nothing was found. Spotless! The rooms are posh and modern. They even offer a pillow menu in case you would like a firmer or softer pillow than the four choices they already have in room. My husband was very excited to see the easily accessible audio/video adapter. Any sort of device/technology you like could be hooked into the television quickly and easily. We truly could have stayed in our room and at the hotel the entire weekend, if it wasn’t for all of the exciting things to see in Milwaukee.

The only downside to the hotel for families, besides no pool, is the lack of a mini-fridge and/or microwave. If that’s a deal breaker for your family, keep in mind that you can rent one for $20 a night or just bring a cooler, as we did.

Families will love the movie packages the hotel offers. Three different
flavors of gourmet popcorn, candy, and soda as well as your choice of brand new movies makes for a fun night for the whole family! Also, hugely convenient is the free shuttle that will bring you anywhere in downtown Milwaukee. We wanted to go to the St. Patrick’s Day parade, but were unsure of the route, where to park, etc. and the front desk arranged for the shuttle to take us where we needed to go and return us to the hotel within minutes of us calling. They even offered to drive us a few blocks over to one of our favorite restaurants. The shuttle is available after you checkout as well. Being able to not have to worry about routes and parking made it a very relaxing weekend for our family. We were able to look out the window and enjoy the sites with our kids rather than focusing on traffic.

The Ambassador Hotel is such an original and special experience that
it’s a must-stay for any family visiting the Milwaukee area. Five star accommodations and service with a personal touch will make your family feel pampered and relaxed.

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