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Trekaroo Superoo 2016Welcome 2016 Superoos!

We are excited to start a new year of exploring our neighborhoods, cities, states, and the countries of the world with our kids. Here at Trekaroo we all share one thing in common: we love telling people all about our adventures with kids! If you are reading this, then you are one of our elite reviewers. You may be fairly new to Trekaroo or been someone we have had the privilege of knowing for years now. The Trekaroo team consists of moms and dads who have a passion for exploring with our kids and helping other families do the same through writing helpful reviews, sharing photos that speak a thousand words, and creating guides of our recommendations.

Superoo and Guroo team:

Our Guroos have hand selected our Superoo team this year and are ready to jump into the fun of helping other families discover how awesome your part of the country is. They want to work directly with you to map out story ideas and to create helpful guides. As a team you can create community with families in your area and inspire them to travel.

Superoo Perks:

Our Destination Guroos and Editors have been developing long-term relationships with travel PR and showcasing the value that Trekaroo has to offer them through the influencers of our Guroo and Superoo teams. Since our opinions are highly valued, hotels, restaurants, attractions, and other business owners often offer to host us so we can experience their family-friendly offerings first hand and share about it via social media and Trekaroo. Your Guroo will work on sending you out on at least one assignment that could be partially or completely comped, minus travel expenses. Superoos who have proven their professionalism and passion in small assignments have been selected for the most exciting assignments. So, keep writing reviews on the website, sharing photos, and getting to know your Guroo by offering to help and doing a great job on a project.

Here’s to a great year of travel in 2016!

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