Yellow River Game Ranch

4525 Highway 78, Lilburn, GA 30047
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    The Yellow River Game Ranch offers a magnificent photo opportunity and a chance to meet wildlife on a close and personal basis.

    Explore the rustic trail where newborn fawns are a delightful favorite during the summer months-- feed deer who come right up to greet you! Huge bears stand up for special treats and our overhead ...

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9 Reviews of Yellow River Game Ranch

My kids LOVE this place!

- September 2013

This is a great place for your kids to get up close with different animals. The deer will walk right up to you and eat out of your hand. In the barnyard there are goats, donkeys, and sheep that you can feed. There is a bunny area where the kids can go in and observe the bunnies up close. There are other animals such as bears, wolves, etc. that you can feed by dropping food through tubes into their cages. If you are patient you can even get the squirrels to take peanuts out of your hand. There is a nice playground and picnic area adjacent to the parking lot. My kids love going here to feed the animals. It is a good value for the money.

Groundhog Day!

- February 2013

Yellow River Game Ranch is the home of General Beauregard Lee, the groundhog that predicts the coming of spring here in the South.  We visited on one of the coldest mornings of the year to find out if we would have an early spring. No such luck.

If you are planning on visiting YRGR for Groundhog Day, be sure to arrive early when the gates open at 7am, so that you can get close enough to see the weather forecaster himeself. Otherwise you may end up at the edge of a large crowd with no view at all.

After the festivities, we checked out the rest of the "ranch."  Our daughter had a blast feeding carrots to the animals, all of which were extremely friendly and gentle.  I have to admit to being a little uncomfortable with some of their cages and habitats, as well as seeing some obese animals that were obviously being overfed with the wrong diet.  For kids though, the chance to interact with the animals really made the trip worth it.

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Fun for the Family

- January 2011

It is so fun to see the looks on the kiddo's faces when the deer come up and eat from their hands.  You can bring your own snacks which makes it more economical.  They have a playground that is nice also.  The animals get very close and can be intimidating for very little ones but all in all a great time for all ages.

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