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Wild Mountain Day Care - Sierra at Tahoe

1111 Sierra-at-Tahoe Road, Twin Bridges, California 95735 | 530-543-3150
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3 Reviews
Type: Other and Playgrounds & Playspaces
Ages: Ages 1 — 5
Cost: $$$
Hours of operation: 8:30am-3:45pm

In house licensed day care center at Sierra-at-Tahoe ski resort for kids 18 months to 5 years old.  Potty training is NOT required.  Children do art projects and construction toys, plus music, dance, and story activities.  Outdoor activities include adventure walks, sled rides, climbing tunnels, snow paint, and lots of toys.  Meals are included.  Hourly, half day and full day programs are available.

3 Reviews for Wild Mountain Day Care - Sierra at Tahoe

February 22 2012
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"Best Value/Kids Loved it"

I just put my 2.5 yr daughter in here for 3 days straight and she just loved it!!!  They took her last year, but at 17 months, she was just too freaked out by the whole separation experience.  What a difference a year makes!!!  Now that she's in Nursery 2x/week, this was a breeze.  Great value, they are very reasonably priced and it enabled Dad and I to have a wonderful weekend of skiing.
RJ is super helpful, we remembered how great he was last year and its comforting to see they retain the same staff of caring professionals.

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January 06 2011
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"No worries here!"

I was so nervous to leave our 22 month old in day care all day while we were skiing, however the staff was so great and attentive it put me at ease.  The staff was really friendly and even though my daughter was screaming bloody murder while we were leaving they held her and calmed her down.  They told us it usually takes 10 minutes or so for the kids to relax.  

They make sure all cell phone numbers are recorded and you also can check the white boards by the lifts for your name if you are needed back at daycare.  

When I picked up my daughter she was so happy, hanging out with a new buddy eating a snack.   They even give you a report card to tell you what went on during your child's day.  I recommend this daycare if you want to ski all day or even part of the day.

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December 23 2010
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"Happy Toddlers and Preschoolers"

When we arrived to pick up our daughter from the Mountain Daycare at the end of the day, we found our 3 year old daughter sitting closely with a new friend while sharing a book together.  I could tell she felt safe, happy, and comfortable at the day care. As a parent, it is always a comforting feeling to know that your child had a good day at day care.

The Teachers:
Teachers were very warm and adult to child ratio is low
. My husband and I were impressed with how warm, nice and helpful the teachers were.  The child to teacher ratio is also very low which allowed them give the attention each child needed.  I saw one little boy who was missing his mom and a teacher held him close and talked gently with him the entire time. The teachers let us come in and sit with our daughter when she first arrived and also when we came to pick her up. We always felt welcome in the facility. On our second day at the daycare, Tracy, one of the teachers, remembered us immediately and made a point to let us know how happy she was that we had returned.

The Classroom and Facilities
The outdoor space is wonderful. One of the moms I talked with called it “Snow School”. She is a mom from El Dorado Hills and she comes to Sierra-at-Tahoe often. She raved and raved about “Snow School” - sharing how her daughter gets to paint in the snow, builds shape molds in the snow, makes snow angels, and goes sledding in the snow. She considered the daycare at Sierra-at-Tahoe a definite treat for her daughter. We also liked the jumpy house and the little play area in the outdoor classroom. The indoor space is small, but has age appropriate toys and furniture in the classroom. There was an area to climb around in with balls for gross motor movement development that is specifically designed for toddlers. A childproof gate separates the big kids from the little kids. This area is filled with books, puzzles, age appropriate toys and art supplies. The space was clean at the beginning of the day though a little cluttered by the end of the day.

What we liked:
1. There is a private napping room in the facility that has mats and blankets. I appreciated the room because when the curtains were drawn it created a darker space for the children to rest

2. Lunch and snacks are included, so no need to pack a snack or wrestle with lunch crowds.  

3. The daily daycare rate is reasonable especially when you get tickets at a package rate.

4. High security!
You must sign in and sign out. The check out system seemed to work well.

Make reservations before arriving in order to ensure a space for your child.

Label all your children’s clothing, shoes, and personal items.

Pack your child’s “lovie” for nap time.

Cell service is not always available on the resort. If you are skiing on the mountain, make sure you constantly check the message boards to make sure that there are no problems with your child.

*This review is based on complimentary day care at the Wild Mountain Day Care at Sierra at Tahoe. I received no other compensation and the owner did not express any requirements that I express a particular point of view.

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