Webb Bridge Park

4780 Webb Bridge Road, Alpharetta, GA 30005
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3 Reviews of Webb Bridge Park

Great playground and geocaching too

- April 2014

My kids love Webb Bridge park. The playground is very large and there is equipment for small kids and big kids. There is a sand pit and in the summer a stream that kids can play in.

If you like hiking and geocaching this park has plenty of that too. Off one of the trails there is a small pond where you can catch and release fish, feed the ducks or perhaps spot a crane.

Great park in the burbs

- October 2011

You definitely feel like you've left the city when you go to Webb Bridge Park.  This place is huge and wooded!  Once you enter the park, it takes a few minutes to get to the play area.  In fact, once you park at the play area, it's a short walk through the trees to get to the play structure.  
The main play set is a large wooden structure great for kids of all ages.  For the real small ones, there is low to the ground climbing structure to play on.  I loved this when my youngest was little.  If they fall, they are close to the ground and seem to love climbing through the made for their size tunnels.  
The sandbox is a huge covered area with a stream running next to it.  The stream only runs seasonally, but the fact that it's covered is wonderful!  
A large field for picnics, running around or playing ball are just beyond the sandbox.  The swings and another climbing structure along with a walking path are also just beyond the sandbox.  
My one complaint about the park is that the different areas are not viewable from each section.  This makes it difficult if you have children of different ages wanting to go in different directions.  
All in all a park with something for everyone!

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Great park

- January 2011

This park has it all - soccer fields, baseball fields, tennis courts, walking trail, concession stands, picnic pavilions and a great playground. The walkway is nice and shaded. It's very peaceful. And if you are in luck, in the deer season, you can see deers grazing the grassy lands near the trail. There's a small creek too. The playground has areas for small kids and big kids as well. My daughter loves going to the park . The playground has climbing structures, a covered sand play area, wings etc. During summer, we go there most of the evenings.