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The Butterfly House

15193 Olive Blvd., Chesterfield, Missouri 63017
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6 Reviews
Type: Nature & Gardens
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $

6 Reviews for The Butterfly House

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December 23 2010
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"fun and different"

The Butterfly House is a must see if you are in STL.  It's one of my kids' favorite things to do there.  You get to see thousands of different butterflies and walk among them.  They also have a display which shows the cocoons and the butterflies hatching.  It is very warm and humid in the butterfly house.  You will spend about 1- 1.5 hours here.  You may want to bring a picnic lunch as the butterfly house is in an awesome park and there is a great play area for the kids and a carasol they can ride.

January 24 2015
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"Butterfly Oasis"

This is one of my favorite places to take my toddlers.  It's very humid inside the butterfly sanctuary so come prepared with layers for the entire family.  

The park grounds where the butterfly house is located are filled with historical landmarks and an amazingly large and SHADED park so you will want to pack a lunch if its nice outside and prepare for a nature walk if you have the time.  

As you enter there are several climbing structures for the kids including a large caterpillar.  Throughout the year various crafts are set up outside for your kids to enjoy for free.  

As you enter the building, to the right is a very nice gift shop with all things 'bugs and butterflies'.  Its a great place for gift shopping and they carry an excellent amount of educational toys from various lines like Melissa and Doug at reasonable prices.

Upon entering the sanctuary there are also various bug exhibits to look at while you wait in line including a very large Cockroach exhibit which my son always finds fascinating to my dismay.  

The butterfly experience comes complete with butterfly identification guides and guided tours if you desire but for me and my kids, its typically just counting as many butterflies as we possibly can and trying to get them to land on our finger...which has happened before.  

The sanctuary is ideal for wheelchairs and people with disabilities as well.  They regulate how many people can enter so it has never felt overcrowded or 'pushy'.

As you exit, to the left are large white boxes that house the various cocoons of the butterfly species being displayed within the room.  If you are patient enough, prepare for some 'hatching' to take place.  

Also, make sure to have your camera ready as their is a beautiful metal chair shaped like a butterfly at the end of the exhibit which is a perfect spot for photos.  My kids actually stay seated.  

After departing the sanctuary there are two large playrooms for the kids with pretend produce stands, puzzles, books and games for them to delight in.  There is also a short film to watch if you are interested and other bugs on display.  

Located on the grounds but separate from the Butterfly House is a large Carousel with another great toy store.  Its a delight we've never missed.  

I've given this five stars since my kids are the ideal age for this experience but if I had older kids, they might not be as mesmerized.  My rating would most likely drop to four stars.  Something to consider....

April 19 2011
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"Wonderful, but hot!! Wear layers!"

The Butterfly House is a very fun place for people of all ages. There is a display of different bugs before you go in. The actual butterfly garden is the perfect setting for beautiful pictures; just don't expect to stay inside for a long period of time. It's so hot and humid for the butterflies, it's almost unbearable. So make sure you wear layers to take off! Little kids like it, but it can be hard for them to understand that you can't touch the butterflies. In my opinion, the carousel is better! It's only $1 per ride! Can't beat that!
Advice: there are coupons in the St.Louis area Entertainment Book for the Butterfly House and for the carousel

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January 10 2011
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"Need to Experience Once"

A little expensive for what it is, but really fun to go into the actual butterfly house and be surrounded by butterflies of all types. A new experience and really fun for kids! We also enjoyed the ducks at the nearby pond and the playground across the way. The park where the Butterfly House is located also has a really fun old carousel.

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January 10 2011
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Kids will love this place. We LOVED it. We love butterflies and there were alot of them in one place and they were all so beautiful. My 3 year old girl was calm and bright eyed the whole time and just absolutely loved it. You will definitely learn new things and enjoy how beautiful nature really is. Just keep in mind that sometimes it is very hot in there through the summer time!!

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December 23 2010
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What a beautiful display of butterflies!  It's a heavenly place to walk around and fun for every age.  Our baby just loved it!  You can watch a movie on butterflies before-hand.  And upon entering this magical world, you can stroll around until you find the actual cocoons!  There is also a nice gift shop and park outside.  It's a part of the Missouri Botanical Gardens, but at a different location.

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