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Stu Miller's Pumpkin Patch

38244 Murrieta Hot Springs Rd., Corner of Murrieta Hot Springs Road & Winchester Avenue, Murrieta, California 92563
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2 Reviews
Type: Other
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $
Hours of operation: October 8-31, 2011

2 Reviews for Stu Miller's Pumpkin Patch

October 29 2013
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"Eastvale Location"

Originally had a problem with the Eastvale Location but the company came through and made all right! The were very professional in their handling of our issue and we are very satisfied with the result! We will go back for our Christmas tree this year.

October 23 2013
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"Too exspensive!"

I drive past this place everyday to take my kids to school. Every October, Stu Miller's pumpkin patch, AKA Seasonal Adventures on the corner. Looks fun, exciting, lots of activites for the lil ones. "Mommy can we go there." O.k. babe, we'll try this weekend. I was so dissapointed. being a military family, not of high ranking, this place is definantly not for the lower income. But where else can you go in Murrieta? Anyways, with disgust, I purchase the tickest at $.90/ ticket, I see signs every where about "This made in the USA" So I ask, do you do military discount? "Nope" don't do that here either. So we mosey on over to the rides. Well, just to go down a big inflatable slide is 1 ticket per slide. WHAT almost a Dollar to go down the slide 1 time, rediculous. Almost all the other rides where anywhere from a minimum of 3 tickets to 5 tickets for 1 ride. Then my poor little baby who is 5, wants to go on this bungee jump thing, she's begging, and I feel so bad,  but I had to say "No" just to get like 3 jumps on this bungee cord thing was 9 flippin tickts, WHAT $9 bucks for a stupid bungee thing that the kids sit in and get to jump super high 3 times. And Pumpkins? Don't even get me started. Don't buy them there. Crazy. Well I guess unless youre rich there's not much for an average family to do during October. Sucks!  I understand businesses have to make money,  but to rip off people, and not even offer military discounts and your posting sighns that the rides where made in the USA! Where is the true support. I do not recommed this place unless you like to get taken advatage of. You can take your kids to the cheapie theaters for less then that and call it a day. Go buy your pumpkins at Walgreens for $4!

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