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400 University Avenue, Los Altos, CA
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    Adobe Creek forms the backdrop for Shoup Park, which includes picnic tables, barbecue pits, turf areas, playground, parking and public restrooms. The 3.7-acre park is the home of the Underground Teen Center.  Available rental facilities include the Garden House and the Patriot Corner Group Picnic area.

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5 Reviews of Shoup Park

A fantastic little park!

- February 2014

If you have a toddler in the throws a bolting phase, this park is  a great place to take them.  Unlike many other parks we've encountered in the area, it is located in off of the road.  You have to drive down into it as a matter of fact.  This was particularly appealing to me when my kids were really young because whenever they bolted, it was almost always toward traffic.

The park is a contained space, thanks to its location.   There are two playgrounds---one intended for the abilities of younger children and another for older ones.   There is also a trail looping around the park where kids can run scooters and practice riding bikes.

In the corner of the park is also a beautiful nod to veterans.  A large statue of a soldier gently holding a baby.  It represents homecoming and it has inspired lots of conversation with my kids about military service and sacrifice, it has also inspired wonderful conversations with my kids about military service. It's amazing what spurs the curiosity of kids.

One of my kids favorite features of Shoup Park is Adobe Creek.  It runs alongside the park grounds.  Depending on the time of year, it can be dry or filled with water, which makes it great exploring or skipping rocks.

All in all this is a lovely park filled with old growth trees, lots of greenery, and a great natural space.

Other Amenities include:
- Picnic tables
- Restrooms  
- The Garden House: a party room with kitchen that is available for rental

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Good park with a small river

- December 2010

Good size park but not that large.  The thing that stands out about this park is the river stream.  The kids can go and play near it and throw rocks in it.  They have 2 playground areas.  The only drawback is the park is not that large and when it gets crowded, it can be tough to find parking.

One of our favorite local parks

- December 2010

My 2 1/2 year old son has loved this park since he was able to walk.  It's quite large as other reviewers mentioned, and he's been able to enjoy both the big kids and little kids playgrounds.  Lots of lawn space is great for running around or picnicking, and there's a whole section of picnic tables on the other side of the parking lot for large events/reservations.  The highlight of this park for us, though, is the small stream that runs through it.  For about the first half of each year (or during rainy seasons), the stream is a perfect place for little ones to splash about in shallow running water, so bring your boots if its cold or swim gear when warm.  When the water dries up, though, a whole new dimension of fun opens up with a fun hiking opportunity along a dry creek bed.   Following this path/creek led us to discover Redwood Grove (in another review), which is a fun little hike for toddlers/families.

Shoup Park is tucked away (quite literally) in a quiet residential neighborhood just across the way from downtown Los Altos.  You can't see the park from the street - only the driveway that leads into the parking lot.

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