Seattle Asian Art Museum

1400 East Prospect Street , Volunteer Park, Seattle, Washington 98112 | 206.654.3100
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2 Reviews
Type: Museums & Monuments
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $
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Asian Art Museum located within gorgeous Volunteer Park.

Labor Day–Memorial Day:  
Wednesday–Sunday: 10 am–5 pm  
Thursday: 10 am–9 pm  
Monday & Tuesday: closed  
Memorial Day–Labor Day:  
Tuesday–Sunday: 10 am–5 pm  
Thursday: 10 am–9 pm  
Monday: closed

2 Reviews for Seattle Asian Art Museum

January 23 2011
1 family found this helpful
"Grown-up fun"

Not exactly a kid's dream day!  If you have typical little ones, I would say that this would not be their favorite Seattle destination.  If they happen to have a particular interest in Asian art then this might be a home run, but most kids are going to find this a little dry.  There are plenty of run around areas outside and a great sculpture and photo op area.  You might want to reserve this attraction for older kids or be prepared with a plan to entertain the little ones outside on a nice sunny day.  I believe that if you pay for admission to SAM that you have a day or so to use the ticket to get into the Asian Art museum, but please check that out for yourself as this policy may have changed.

December 23 2010
2 families found this helpful
"A nice museum with a good collection"

The Asian Art Museum sits on Seattle's Capitol Hill- just about 4 minutes from the downtown core.  The museum is located in Volunteer Park, itself a nice place to hang out with families.

My family is half Asian, so we enjoy visiting this museum and seeing great Asian art. The collection is fairly extensive, covering Asian art from a large number of countries and many styles.

This is probably not a good place for preschool aged kids, but it's a great place for older kids and adults, and my son liked it when he was a baby.  

Admission to this museum is only $7 for adults, which is great for a museum. Also, admission is free for families on the first Saturday of each month!

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