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Santa's Village

528 Presidential Highway , Jefferson, New Hampshire 03583 | 603.586.4445
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5 Reviews
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Ages: All Ages
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Celebrate the festivity of the Christmas holiday in the elaborately decorated Santa's Village.

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5 Reviews for Santa's Village

September 12 2013
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"A Terrific Place For Kids Of All Ages!!"

We recently took my boys to Santa's Village in New Hampshire, and they were in awe!!  You start out your day by getting a scavenger hunt card.  You need to go throughout the park and find all of the letters of the alphabet and get them stamped on your card.  The boys loved it (and so did I!!!)  While hunting we hit a ton of cute Christmas themed rides, and we ate a ton of tasty treats!!!  This was a fun day and we had a blast.  We will be back!!

August 11 2013
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"Perfect for families!"

I do believe I just found my new favorite family theme park.  First of all, we adored the Christmas theme.  My daughter and I are ones that would be happy with Christmas all year round, and here at Santa's Village, it is! Beyond that, we loved the family friendly atmosphere and the friendliness of the staff.  

Some highlights of what we loved:

* We visited on an August day and found it to never be too crowded.  Waits in line for rides were very minimal.  

* The staff interacted with the kids at almost every ride asking if they were having a good time, what their favorite thing was, making jokes, etc.

* We had a few downpours and immediately afterward staff could be found sweeping away the puddles that formed and wiping off wet seats on rides.

* If you like, you can bring in your own food.  (We opted to eat in and prices and choices were typical to other amusement parks.)  You can purchase a souvenier sports cup and get free refills all day long.

*  If your child is 48" or taller, they can go on any ride unassisted.  There are very few rides that under 48" can't ride.  

* Even though the rides are more kiddie sized and not huge thrill coasters, my 12 year old thrill seeker still had a great time.  

* We loved how they had a universal signal on the rides to let the operators know something was wrong or you weren't having a good time and wanted to get off.  All you had to do was give a thumbs down sign and the operators stopped the ride to see what was wrong, and if was as simple as a kid not enjoying the ride, let them off.  We had this happen on one of our rides but this didn't end the ride for everyone.  They started back up and gave us a full ride.  

* They take the time to think of little things such as the umbrellas that are on board each ride car on the Skyway Sleigh ride.  

* They have performers and shows at scheduled times for those who want to add to the fun or take a break from the rides.

* You can visit Santa in his home.  He takes the time to pose with the children for pictures, gives them a candy cane and asks them if there is something they would like for Christmas.  They have a photographer to take photos that you can purchase, yet they give you ample time to take your own pictures.  No pressure to buy.  

* You can pet and feed the reindeer!

* Bathrooms were clean and conveniently located around the park.  

Honestly, I can't think of anything we didn't love about this park!  It is definitely worth a visit.

Disclosure: Our family received complimentary admission to the park to help faciliate the review.  All opinions are my own based on our experience.  

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July 28 2011
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"Christmas anytime!!!"

Santa's Village in Jefferson, NH is wonderful!  It is clean, extra cute, and lots of fun!  it is about 1 hour from Storyland in Glen, NH.  Definately worth the drive up, which is very scenic.  Your children will have tons of fun on the rides, get cooled off at the water park, and enjoy the atmosphere.  If the kids are 48 inches, they will be able to ride by themselves.  Most of the rides are perfectly OK for a child to be on their own.  My husband rode the ferris wheel, the bumper cars, the log flume ride, and the rollar coaster with the kids.  Even the rollar coaster would be OK for the kids to ride without us, but just in case.........
When you first get in the park, the children can get a card from the 'ELF University' and stamp it all through the park.  There are little elf statues with different letters of the alphabet on them, the kids get their stamps and at the end of the day, turn it in for a diploma and small trinket.  The day we were there, our choice was a magnet or a license plate for their bike.  Even though when we were there, it rained for a short time in the afternoon, the kids still wanted to play in the water park.  There are lots of chairs and recliners for the adults to sit on, as well as large umbrellas to cover you up from rain or too much sun.  They have changing rooms, bathrooms all over, and little snack and drink stations everywhere.  As in any amusement park, the drinks and snacks are priced high, but you can certainly brink in your own stuff for the day.  We had lots of snacks, but opted to buy drinks when we wanted them.  You can buy a drink cup, and have it refilled through the day.  Pay one price, then refill it whenever you want.  
I highly suggest visiting Santa's Village if you are going to be in the area.  It was well worth the money.

December 23 2010
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"Santa's Village Lodging"

Santa's Village is great during the foliage but even better during the holidays.  If you plan to stay over check out The Jefferson Inn.  A family friendly Bed and Breakfast just one mile away.  You can also buy your tickets there to avoid the lines at the entrance.

July 24 2013
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"Christmas all year"

Santas Village is my favorite family theme park. It is Christmas all year,carols playing, decorations, Santa, Christmas snacks...everything. The kids love this day long diversion with kid rides that adults can go on too!!. Rudy's Rapid Transit is a roller coaster and the Yule log is a flume ride!!! There is also the Elfabet game where the kids search for different elves with witty names from the elfabet and win a prize. I have never been at Christmas but I am sure it is grand. We always go during the Columbus day holiday and it sets the tone for the rest of our holiday season!!!! Its not that far from Storyland so if you make the trip to Storyland,  I definately suggest Santas Village!!!

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