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Santa Fe Children's Museum

1050 Old Pecos Trail, Santa Fe, New Mexico 87505 | 505.989.8359
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2 Reviews
Type: Museums & Monuments
Ages: All Ages
Cost: $
Hours of operation: Weds - Sun

Closed to the public on Monday & Tuesday. Open Wednesday, Friday, Saturday from 10 am to 5pm; Thursday from 10 am to 7pm with free admission for children after 4pm; and Sunday noon to 5pm.

New Mexico residents with ID: $6 per person  
All other visitors: $9 per person  
Sunday admission is $2 for New Mexico residents with ID, $5 for non-residents.  
FREE for children 12 months and under.

2 Reviews for Santa Fe Children's Museum

September 14 2015
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"Fun for younger kids"

The Santa Fe Children's Museum is a wonderful place for young children to be creative and imaginative both inside and out. The museum has an open floor plan so most exhibits can be seen while standing in the center of the museum. There are many hands on activities suitable for younger kids. Although there were some things my older kids could do it didn't hold their interest for very long. This is definitely for the younger set probably around 10 and under depending on your children.

We recently visited with our six children ages 13, 11, 9, 6, 3, and 2 months. The older children enjoyed building with the large blocks, acting on the small stage, and running around outside in the garden area. My younger children enjoyed acting, climbing in the play structure, face painting, bubbles, painting, running around outdoors, digging, making music, and more.
I love how the museum has the open floor plan so I can easily see more than one child at a time while they explore independently. We have been here many times over the years and the exhibits do rotate a little bit but quite a few of them stay the same. My children like the repetition and knowing what to expect.

There have been some changes since our last visit that caught us off guard and made the visit a little more challenging for us. Strollers are not allowed inside the museum and this is now strictly enforced. We planned this visit during our little ones nap time and just planned on having her sleep in the stroller while the other kids explored. They had us remove it and park it in a small room at the entrance of the museum. I had to remove the baby which woke her up defeating the purpose of us going during her nap time.

The prices have also changed and there is no longer a discount for New Mexico residents or for low income families. The $5 student fee only applies if visiting the museum in a school group. Admission is now $7.50 per person for everyone 1 and older.

Although my younger children really enjoy the creative exhibits at this museum they were ready to leave after an hour and a half. We encouraged them to stay a while longer but it wasn't enough for us to justify the expense of $52.50 for our family so we will most likely find other more cost effective things to do while we are in Santa Fe.

January 18 2013
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"This Place Rocks!!!"

The Children's Museum of Santa Fe is awesome. I spent several hours at the museum with my son and to be honest with you, if I could, I'd leave my son and return on my own for a visit without him. Why you ask? The bugs!

The insect collection is fascinating. During our visit, the man who had created the museum's elaborate and breathtaking bug collection, Oliver Greer, was carrying in a new shipment of bugs and much to my delight, offered to let us view the process of pinning the new bugs for the purpose of adding them to his collection. I was like, “Oooooh, yes please!” But my son was like, “I want to go outside mama.” Of course my son won that battle, but I’m telling you, this museum is so much more than your regular, run-of-the-mill kid’s museum.

Out back, painted tires border a giant sand pit creating an outdoor play area that’s prime real estate for a child’s imagination. While watching my son play, I found myself wondering what I'd be imagining if I were a kid again. Would I be digging up dinosaur bones? My son was pretending to make a garden with a cute little child-sized rake he discovered laying nearby. Perhaps his garden was inspired by the giant metal ant sculpture he spied near the museum’s entry?

Have you ever wanted to crawl inside a kaleidoscope? You can here! By luck, I happened to snap an awesome picture of my son crawling through a mirrored tunnel wearing a funny hat that he had discovered earlier in the museum’s collection of dress up clothes; complimented by the blue handlebar mustache I had previously painted on his face, at his request of course.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS PLACE! Other fun exhibits include a Lego station, a train table, a magnet table, a running water exhibit, and many more. Recently the community of Santa Fe raised $200k to keep the museum open for 2013. I'm glad as the museum is a local treasure and a wonderful source of learning and joy for visiting children (and their parents)!

New Mexico residents with ID: $6 per person
All other visitors: $9 per person
Sunday admission is $2 for New Mexico residents with ID, $5 for non-residents.

Monday: CLOSED
Tuesday, Wed, Thurs, & Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Friday: 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday: Noon to 5 p.m.

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