Rogers Farm Corn Maze

3831 Nw 156th Ave, Gainesville, Florida 32653
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2 Reviews
Type: Seasonal Events and Hiking & Walking
Ages: All Ages
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2 Reviews for Rogers Farm Corn Maze

March 05 2012
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"Rogers farm corn maze"

This place was the worst! If you want to go to some hillbilly place that cant spell and the people are rude and horrible GO to rogers! First off we took the kids during the day. There was loud inappropriate music at times and like i said, the people starting from the two old ladies who cant even count change correctly at the front, all the way to the people running the so called stations were TOTAL idiots and we felt like we were not even welcome there. Everyone was in a bad mood and one of the old ladies at the front didnt give me enough change back and they both were totally confused about what was even going on. Another thing, the first thing you come upon when you arrive at the front to pay are some signs that say no smoking, no pets, and no alcohol, great rules right? Well sadly the second thing i see is the owner smoking a cigar in the very front ticket booth. I made a joke saying to the two ladies that i thought it was a no smoking establishment,  the owner promptly told me it was his place and he could do whatever he wanted to! Great example right?  The hay ride was nothing more than that just a hay ride nothing really to look at... Anyway moving to the night time. The maze was suppost to get haunted at 8. So we went in at 830. We saw 2 people in the whole place that scared us. It was big dark and quite boring. And once agian going back to the signs. No alcohol remember? Well on the two workers i did see they reeked of alcohol and there were several of others drinking in the maze that were customers. You would be better off spending a FREE night in your back yard walking around. And that leads me to my last problem. For what they offered it was way to expensive. It cost me and my family $48 dollars to do everything ( and like i said it wasnt much). Also the food was ridiculous and took FOR EVER to get it. I would recomend not going and saving your money. Or going somewhere else. I dont know if anywhere else is better but if they are not i dont want to go to any corn maze!

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December 23 2010
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"Rogers Farm Corn Maze"

This was the second year of the corn maze but our first visit.  Admission is $12 per person to do the activities and the maze.  We took two 14 year olds, one 7 year old and one 5 year old.  The teens liked the corn maze the best.  The littler ones liked the jumping pillow and picking their own pumpkins to take home.  

We spent about 3 hours total at the farm.  They do have hot dogs and hamburgers for sale so you could do lunch and not have to leave.  You could also pack a picnic, they have tables available.  

They also told us that the maze is safe for kids during the day but at night (they are open until midnight on Fri and Sat) it is haunted!  That would have been fun for the teens with us but we didn't get to stay that long to check it out.

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