Pointe-à-Callière, Montreal Museum of Archaeology & History

350 Place Royale, Montreal, QC H2Y 3Y5
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    Pointe-à-Callière Museum is the Montreal museum of archaeology and history located in Old Montreal, Quebec, Canada. Exhibits and temporary exhibits include fine art, archaeological finds, and history. Interactive exhibits for kids include a new Archeo-adventure exhibit engage children in the process of archaeology.

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2 Reviews of Pointe-à-Callière, Montreal Museum of Archaeology & History

Some fun interactive exhibits for kids

- August 2013

Pointe-a-Calliere Archeological Museum is dedicated in celebrating the old, but it’s building is nothing but.  This museum engages visitors in the history of Montréal through multimedia storytelling.  Sited in the very spot where the first mass marking the official founding of Montréal was held by Father Vimont, this site hold particular significance for this old city.  Some of the old remains of the original stone buildings still remain hidden within the basement areas.  Our favorite part of the museum was seeing the old sewer tunnels made out of stone, large enough to drive a car through them.  These old sewer pipes now connect the museum underground to many other buildings in the city.  The city already has plans to restore and reopen these underground pathways to link the museum more building in the next few years.

If you are interested in learning about the history of Montréal with your kids.  This is the place to come because scattered between beautifully displayed relics of the past, are multimedia presentations telling the stories of people who lived in old Montréal.  You’ll meet adults and children who tell you about their lives through a “select your own mystery” type of video presentation.  Pointe-a-Calliere also has a brand new archeo-adventure interactive exhibit.  Embedded into the ground is a square divided into a grid of 16 smaller squares.  This mimics how archeologist typically set up an archeological dig site  Within each square are replicas of artifacts buried in sand.  Kids are encouraged to unearth their discoveries using the same kind of tools that archeologist use.  Next, kids take their finding to a tent to make observations about their finds.  The final and coolest step comes last where kids can compare their archeological finds against a library of real archeological objects preserved inside plexi glass covered drawers.

This archeo-adventure exhibit is truly educational, and I highly recommend a visit with your kids.

*Disclosure: We stayed were given complimentary admission arranged by Tourisme Montréal. But as always, these opinions are entirely my own.

The Birthplace of Montreal

- May 2013

This museum is actually built right on top of an archeological site! We started our visit with an 18 minute multimedia presentation of the complete history of Montreal from the birth of the city right up to present day. Don’t miss this. Not only does the theatre have a 270º screen, but the floor overlooks archeological remains that become part of the presentation.

After that you are free to walk through the museum on your own or, if you time it right, take a guided tour. My tweens found that spending just about 2 hours here was enough for them. I am not sure I would recommend this museum for anyone younger unless they are real history buffs as we didn't find any real hands-on activities. Although, check the "family" section of their web site before you go as they do offer events.