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Parti Palooza

6253 Southfront Road, Livermore, California 94551
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2 Reviews
Type: Playgrounds & Playspaces
Ages: All Ages
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2 Reviews for Parti Palooza

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July 30 2016
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"Zack (employee) stated, "I am stating these rules!" "

I asked if it was ok if I went down the street to get milk for my 2 year old son and leave my 15 year old nephew and his brothers to play.  The girl at the front desk said it was ok.  I went to get the milk at am/pm down the street. My 6 year old daughter saw McDonald's next door to am/pm and asked if she could have a burger.  I got her and my nephews a meal and returned to Partipaliooza.  I asked my nephew to ask the people at the front desk if can we eat inside.  Zack, the guy working at the front, said no outside food allowed.  I then told my 15 year old nephew to get his brothers to come to eat and they could play for 15 more minutes before we go.  When my nephews tried to go back in, they told us no "in and out." Zack said that because they ate in the parked car they were not allowed back in. We could not return.  I asked where was there a sign that said no "in and out." Zack said there was none.  When I asked why a caucasian lady with 4 children where able to leave and come back into Partipaliooza, Zack advised me that they brought their food (she went to the car to get it) and ate it in the princess room.  I stated, "I thought you said no outside food.  That is why I called my nephews outside to eat.  Why was she able to eat inside? Why was she allowed to go to the car and get it?"  Zack responded, "Home made sandwiches or food from home are allowed."  I then asked where these rules were published.    His statement to me was, "I am stating these rules!  This is coming from me."  She was first allowed to go get the food from the parked car, then she was allowed to eat it in the facility.  There was also another caucasian girl and  her mother who left 2 times and returned 15 minutes later.  My nationality is half asian and half caucasian.  When I came here in the past with my caucasian husband,  we never had a problem.  He always went in and out to get us some coffee.  Unfortunately today he was not with me and I definitely saw a difference with service.  Other wives of other ethics had advised me of this problem.  It is sad that this problem is still occurring in our country.   I will not return to expose this behavior to my children.

December 23 2010
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"Our favorite indoor playplace"

Parti Palooza is basically an indoor bouncy house place in Livermore.  It is great for rainy days and too hot days.  I was just about thinking my oldest was growing out of it, but then they recently added a second room with kid sized bowling and a rock climbing wall!!  A few arcade games, but not enough to give you a headache.  They also have a karaoke room with kids songs and dress up stuff.  Bring a book, because you won't see your kids for two hours!!!

A few things I like:
*They do multi age play times.  At Pump It Up, my kids can never go play at the same time because they do it by age.
*They do drop off evenings where you and your partner can go to a movie or go out to dinner and know that your kids are having a great time!
*You can pay for just the bouncy houses or for both rooms, depending on your kids

Try it - you'll love it!!

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