1 Review of Par-King Skill Golf

Cool miniature golf course

- May 2014

There are some of the most inventive thematic holes here at Par-King.  A golf ball roller coaster.  The Sears Tower (never Willis Tower!) hole.  The Mount Rushmore hole. The Loop-de-loop.  Windmills.  A farmhouse with a door that opens and closes. Mr. Clown.  Buddha.  There are a fair amount of moving mechanisms at the holes, which makes it extra challenging (and fun).  There is a red course, and a black course (36 holes total).  Both courses end with an 18th  hole roulette wheel: if you land your ball in the zero slot, you win a token for a free game.  I've never won.

That said, note that this is for OLDER CHILDREN (10 and up, I'd say), as players are required to be 48 INCHES TALL (4 feet).  Anyone shorter will be turned away...not even allowed to spectate.  I think the explanation is that there are some safety hazards.  Their course, their rules.  Their other rule: CASH ONLY.  There is an on-site ATM, which charges a fee, but be forewarned.  

If you're o.k. with these rules, prepare to enjoy a wonderful mini-golf course.  All the times I've gone, the grounds have been well-maintained.  There is usually some pretty good music to accompany your game.  One thing, though, is that there is little shade to be found on hot, sunny days.  It does get very crowded on Friday and Saturday nights, I've found.  Don't let that deter you; the game makes up for it.